WATCH: Dude Jumps In RAGING RIVER – File That Under, ‘BAD IDEA’

NEVER underestimate the dangers in the wild. It might be the LAST mistake you ever make.

Raymond Cabalfin Jr., 19, jumped into the water alongside a young woman on May 11 after hiking the Lake Clementine Trail near Auburn, according to video shot by friends that was briefly posted on Facebook. While the woman popped out of the water, Cabalfin was swept away, the video showed.

The body was recovered Monday 3 miles downstream from where Cabalfin was last seen. Liske said Cabalfin’s family has been notified that a body has been recovered, but it’s up to the coroner to make the positive identification due to the body’s condition. There was no obvious other trauma to the body, Liske said. — Read More

Sadly, these are the last moments he was seen alive. What was supposed to be a good time turned suddenly into a dramatic safety message warning.

Don’t overestimate your ability.

NEVER underestimate the current.

There is NO Do-over if you get it wrong.