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Bullfighter Trips While Bull Fighting – That Was A Mondo Mistake

In Bullfighting, there is ZERO margin for error. This is why... One world's most renowned bullfighters, Ivan Fandino, made one small mistake. A serious mistake. It was a mistake he eventually paid for with his life. This clip tells you a little about the guy. This one is a better shot of the actual incident. Fandino scrambled to get out of the way of the Bull but got his feet tangled in his cape. And stumbled. And...

VIDEO: DUDE! Rat Traps Are For Catching Rats! Not Snapping Your Tongue!

  What else can we say other than... Here's a video of trapping gone wrong. Real wrong. Watch as this idiot sets off a bunch of rat traps... On his tongue!

The BEST Buffalo Hunting Video Ever!

By Gayne C. Young Watch hunter Ian Brown  unleash unholy hell on some Black Death via a Blaser R8 Kilombero in .416 Rem. Mag. A great video of a great hunt!

Man Throws 13 Feet of WHAT Into A Sushi Bar?

  What the hell dude? Was your sushi really that bad!

VIDEO: Oil Filter Suppressor Is Quieter (And Cheaper) Than Actual Suppressor

What do you get when you craft a suppressor from an old oil filter? One super quiet suppressor! Super quiet. And the thing's legal!

Two Wussy Pussies: Pike Attacks Kittens

By Gayne C. Young Curiously didn't kill the cats. This time. Although that would have made for better video. Not sure why there's a pike mixed in there with those koi though... About: Baby cat come close the pound where many fish swimming in. Suddenly the fish launch to catch the cat like a missile to catch it. The world become up side down...when the fish want to eat cat.

Guy Gets HUGE Surprise When He Cuts Down Tree

  He cut down the tree. Saw something unusual... And then it moved! GRAPHIC WARNING

THE POOR MAN’S GRIZZLY: Is a Vicious 4 Legged Beast, Always Use Enough Gun

By Gayne C. Young Don't. Ever. Run. From wild beasts! Especially when you're holding a gun. Even if the beast charging you is a monster boar! boars - Michaelka's hunting | Facebook

Bro Bails Off 800ft Cliff WITHOUT A ‘Chute – Is He Ballsy, Bonkers Or BOTH?

Stories like this just MIGHT explain why women tend to live longer than men. You would normally expect 'hold my beer' before a story like this. But no... this was no 'spur of the moment' thing. Put this one in the 'do not try this at home' column. This took planning. What did he do? He jumped off an 800-foot cliff. He grabbed himself a camera, anchored a line, and trusting his life to...

The New Jumanji Movie Looks Like An Outdoor Beast Feast

Remember the Original? That goofy, campy Jumanji movie with Robin Williams in the 80's? This one looks like an ENTIRELY different animal. For one thing, instead of a suburban house, this whole movie is set in the Jungle. That's a great start. But it gets better. It features the Rock. It also features Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. These are the four people the high school kids get turned into when they...

This Little Rhino Gives Zero Foxtrots About Tourists – I Wish Millennials Had His Spirit!

Baby or not, this feisty little Rhino knows what turf is his, and isn't afraid to defend it... against all comers. He may be 'little' but he's got a massive dose of heart. Hey tourist! Who said you could play in my sandbox, huh? He's a fearless little tyke. He's not just ready to take on ONE safari truck... he's taking on TWO! The little rhino initially charges towards the cameraman at the...

Katy VS Taylor: Who Wins Sexiest Safari Video Contest EVER?

Katy Perry: Brunette (mostly), voluptuous, boisterous. Taylor Swift: Blonde, Audrey Hepburn thin, reserved. Both queens of the pop chart and, both, apparently enamored by safari. Case in point, each put out a video centering around safari...ok...Katy's is more a shikar, but you get the idea. Let's see who does safari best in our Katy VS Taylor Safari Off. First up is Katy. Next up is Taylor. Ok. Who did safari best? Comment below!

VIDEO: Testing The Wilson Combat Rimfire Silencer

  Watch as our tester runs the Wilson Combat Rimfire Silencer through the paces... Oh! And it comes in five colors! How cool is that? Well...we thought it was cool!

VIDEO: Girl’s First Pistol Shot May Be Her Last…But Is Funny As Hell

You have to give her credit... She wanted to learn to shoot. Said she was scared but shot anyway. Her reaction is priceless.  

Video: You’re Gonna LOVE This Red Fox’s Reaction To His Thanksgiving Dinner

This Fox really puts the 'thanks' in Thanksgiving. It's the little things in life that can mean so much. Like when the nice things you do for someone are genuinely appreciated. There is no doubt about how 'Ron-Ron' feels about his Turkey Dinner with all the fixings. Ron Ron is an Oklahoma fox. And apparently a big fan of turkey and turkey skin. Grab the kids and watch as he goes to town on...

We’re All SCREWED: Sea Lions Have Started EATING Sharks!

By Gayne C. Young Yep. Nature's gone crazy. Sea Lions have started EATING sharks! Photographer Slater Moore captured the above and below proof while aboard a whale-watching tour off the coast of Newport Beach in California last week. Actually, this behavior isn't that new. Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at California State University at Long Beach, told Hakai magazine "It's pretty common here in California. California sea lions will kill five-foot-long leopard sharks....

VIDEO: Going All Out With Twin Serbu Super Shorty 12 Gauge

  Is it a handgun? Or a mini-shotgun? Whatever the heck it is, the Super-Shorty looks like a blast! Especially when you're popping off two!

Walmart Put Sex Lube In Gun Section…Dude Films EPIC Video Response

We've all been there. Mistaking sex lube for gun oil... Ok...I've never been there. And doubt you have either. But Wal-Mart sure went there!

WATCH: Look What Took This Bro’s Deer Away After He Shot Him

Think it's just fisherman who can tell their 'one that got away' stories? Guess again. Here's a hunter's version, with the video to back it up. John was out in the Michigan woods, hunting whitetail deer. So far so good, right? Here's his explanation of why you really can't count that kill as yours until AFTER you get it home. John learned the hard way that his hunting trip was basically 'room...

Video: This Man Cave Is Something Hemingway Would Drool Over

More than 200 different species from around the world, over 277 mounts all in one place makes this among the largest private collections. And he's a fantastic conservationist, too! The man who began with ordinary deer hunting has moved on to not only travel the world and hunt a huge variety of game but to leave his mark on helping both the economies and conservation efforts of those places he...

VIDEO: Falcon Takes On BMXer In Ultimate Race

Who ya got? The Red Bull cyclist or the fastest bird on earth? Even cooler, think about the falcon after a shot of Red Bull... I'm betting he could break the sound barrier.   J. Hunter Whirley, CPT (R) is a tactical, practical purveyor of small truths learned over a short lifetime of bad decisions. His taste in friends, booze and pastimes is questionable, but one thing is for certain, he is a...

VIDEO: Hunter S. Thompson And Conan O’Brien Shoot The Hell Outta…Everything! And On Full Auto!

Our post on Hunter S. Thompson almost setting fire to his house via burning his Christmas tree has us missing Mr. Gozo Journalism. As such we present one of our favorite videos of him. Watch as he an Conan drink, cuss, and shoot! What more could you want! An OUTDOOR BEASTS CHRISTMAS! Watch Hunter S. Thompson Burn His Christmas

VIDEO: How’d Running That Remote Control Car Into That Lioness Work Out For Ya’?

  What could go wrong? An idiot tourist with a remote control car... An angry lioness... Yeah... Again, what could go wrong? A remote controlled car being operated by a visitor to Kruger National Park, South Africa has been captured attempting to provoke a lioness. The lioness takes interest in the car and appears very wary and unsure about its presence. “This is a serious violation of the rules of the Kruger and against the spirit...

VIDEO: Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5 Mag Fed Shotgun Is Made For Up Close & Personal Conflicts!

The Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5'' magazine fed shotgun holds five in the mag and is made for self-defense... Up close and personal self-defense... And fun!

VIDEO: Tree Full Of…Goats?

  The fact that goats can climb trees... Well.. Very well... Is always a shocker to those not familiar with their special ability. Masters of Dirt | Facebook

VIDEO: New “Metal Foam” Obliterates Bullets

A foam that shreds bullets? Fantasy...right? Apparently not. Just watch the below to see what the future holds!

VIDEO: Slow Motion Firing Of This Ruger MK II Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Watch Today

Hypnotizing! Very hypnotizing. Watch this Ruger Mk II let off a few rounds of .22 pistol as filmed at 600 Frames/Second!

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO Explores If A Thermite Grenade Blow Up A Limo

  Some questions just need answering... Like can a Thermite grenade blow up a limo? What's Thermite? Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder fuel and metal oxide. When ignited by heat, thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction. Most varieties are not explosive but can create brief bursts of high temperature in a small area. So... Can some of this blow up a limo? Let's see...

VIDEO: Man Escapes Bear Attack By Yelling THIS At It

Watch how yelling obscenities saved a pair of hikers from certain death via an angry grizzly. And as mentioned... Foul language warning.

VIDEO: How’d Milking That Angry Rattlesnake Work Out For You?

  Just when he thought he had it all under control... He didn't.

This GUN FAIL VIDEO Will Have You Rolling In Stitches!

It's funny cuz it ain't us and they're STUPID AS HELL!

VIDEO: Dorado Goes APE S**T Crazy On Boat…You Won’t Believe This Action

The doarado... Dolphin... Mahi Mahi... Or forget it! This thing's got too many names. Isn't known for its fight ON THE BOAT but this one apparently never got the memo!

QUESTION: Do You Think A .22LR Can Go Thru This Windshield

By Gayne C. Young Rocks. Bugs. And a buzzard have all graced my windshield. Some went through. Others did not. But can a .22 piece that safety glass? Check out below for the answer.  

VIDEO: What Happens When You Make A Claymore Out Of 3 iPhones? Let’s Find Out!

  This guy apparently had more money that sense... And we love it! Watch as he makes a claymore from three iPhones!

VIDEO: Python Comes Through Toilet To Bite Guy On His…

  Every man's nightmare! Huge python bites man's penis while he's on the toilet and the two engage in bloody brawl Snake comes up through toilet and bites man's penis off

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