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10 DEFINITE SIGNS: You’re Married to a Hunter [PICS]

While it in no way reflects how much your spouse loves you, when it comes to hunting season you often take a backseat. You often find yourself making a whole host of unique concessions on behalf of your spouse’s favorite hobby. Here are 10 surefire signs you’re married to a hunter. 1.  Hunting season never ends. Between big game, small game, waterfowl and nuisance species like hogs and coyotes, chances are something is...

VAMPIRE HUNTING KITS: Check Out These 19th Century Vampire Hunting Kit

Not sure why you'd want to kill a vampire. If she looked like Salma Hayek at least. But just in case you run into one that doesn't look like her, the following kits might be helpful. Gotta have your Holy Water. Guns and a cross. See more HERE

CHECK OUT THIS AD From When Men Were Men

By Gayne C. Young In today's liberal, anti-hunting, PC world... It's hard to believe there was a time when hunters were not only revered but used in adverting for products other than guns and ammo. But there was such a time... Back in 1955 when famed jaguar hunter Alexander "Sasha" Siemel sold Imperial Whiskey. Think that'd fly today? NO!  

NEW EPIC PICS: Of Wildlife That’ll Make You Yell Like Tarzan

These nature pics Will Blow Your Mind See more at The Guardian

SAY WHAT?: ‘A Shark Attack Saved My Life’

Eugene Finney felt the slippery warm weight of his daughter in his arms, the sting of salt water as the two of them dipped beneath the surface, the crush of one of Huntington Beach’s storied waves as it rumbled over their heads. And then he felt something else, something massive and menacing, slamming into his back. His vision glittered and went dark. Finney clutched his daughter closer and fought to swim up, too dazed...

10-Year-Old Boy Helps Blind Deer Find Food Every Day Before School

By Gayne C. Young This pic has been viewed more than 12,000 times. According to a poster on Imgur, this 10 year old boy walks a blind deer to a patch of grass every morning so it can eat. Pretty nice story! Share with your friends.  

FREAKY SH*T: The Top 10 Unexpected Trail Cam Photos

By Gayne C. Young I've caught some weird stuff on game cameras. Things that I couldn't identify. Things that bothered me. But nothing as crazy as the following. The chase is on. You might want to have that looked at. Is this some kind of intervention? WTF!!!! CLICK HERE to see more crazy pics.

THESE OLD ASS HUNTING PICS: Are Nothing Short Of Epic Manliness On Steroids

These are some great vintage hunting pics! CLICK HERE to see more

Libs Are OUTRAGED Over Her Costume

By Gayne C. Young Up until 10 minutes ago, I had no idea who this gal was. And now that I do know…Well… I can’t tell that my life’s gotten any better. Ashley Benson is on a show called Pretty Little Liars and has apparently irked the touchy-feely crowd for posting this pic on Instagram. It seems as though most didn’t enjoy her announcing she was going as Cecil for Halloween. Oh, the humanity! The...

BULLWINKLE DOWN: Lady Hunter Just Whacked Vermont’s Mega-Moose (NEW STATE RECORD)

By Gayne C. Young Let me say it again. Hunters rock. Female hunters rock more. Especially Tammy Miller. She set the new Vermont state record for a moose taken with a bow on October 2 when she took a brute of a Bullwinkle in that state’s Northeast Kingdom. Miller’s moose weighed 931 pounds and carried a massive antler spread of 53 and 3/4 inches. This easily beats the 919-pound former record holder taken by Kevin...

The Eyes Have It! Angler Rips Eye From Piranha

By Gayne C. Young Ben's the Amazon’s star pupil. Cuz he saw the light. Now we’re just making a spectacle of this misfortune. Ok! Enough eye puns When told he wasn’t pulling in his line fast enough or hard enough to catch a piranha, angler Ben Kimmel pulled with all his might. And in the process yanked the eye right out of one of the Amazon’s fiercest fighters. And, yes, that one got away. But not these...

DAMMMMMMMMM! These Some Big Whitetails

By Gayne C. Young My friend and owner of Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch Donald Hill sent us a few deer pics to share. Pretty sure that's an elk. And that one too. EMAIL US your great Trophy Pics along with details and we'll share! I think these guys put the above into perspective.  

Sadaf Khan’s Mozambique Safari

By Gayne C. Young The beautiful and talented Sadaf Khan just returned from Mozambique where she took a number of great trophies. Khan was in country filming an episode (or two) of The Boddington Experience. Congrats on all Sadaf. What? I know her. I can call her by her first name!

PAJAMA BOY VS. DUCK COMMANDER: Choose The America You’d Rather Have

By Gayne C. Young Looks like a pretty easy choice to us. Live in pajama boy's America... Or Phil Robertson's? Me? I'll pick Phil although without the beard. Can't get over that itch! Comment your choice below!

THIS LITTLE GIRL: Makes Katniss Look Like A Lame-Ass Robin Hood

By Gayne C. Young The first outdoor article I ever sold dealt with my killing a 12 foot 4 inch alligator in the swamps of South Texas. I've been outdone... By a ten year old! Ella Hawk nailed this 13-foot-long alligator with a crossbow on the Guadalupe River last month. The beast weighed over 800 pounds and was so large it’s ranked as the new No. 1 in the world in Trophy Game Records...

What’s Black & White and…

By Gayne C. Young Donna Boddington took this Selous zebra in Mozambique with Zambeze Delta Safaris. Great looking horse. Congrats! EMAIL US your best trophy pics along with details and we'll share with the world via The Beast!

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