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HOP TO IT! Open Your Beer With…Kangaroo Balls?

By Gayne C. Young What do you use to open a cold one? A knife? Your teeth? Screw that! Use Roo Balls! They’re just what you think they are: a bottle opener attached to a pair of kangaroo balls. ABOUT: The Eastern Grey Kangaroo Testicle Bottle Opener (Above) is rough around the edges and unafraid to show it’s scars. Made from the scrotum of a real Eastern Grey Kangaroo, this bottle opener combines functionality and novelty in...

Missouri Monsters: Outdoor Beasts Taken At Oak Creek

By Gayne C. Young Blake Barnett, owner of BWB Hunt Productions and producer and co-host of Trailing the Hunter's Moon, just returned from Oak Creek in Missouri with great stories and even greater pics of monster deer. Blake says, "Missouri was good to me again this year. I wasn't sure it was going to happen as it came down to the final minutes on the last day. Lots of people to...

Beauty and the BEASTS: Woman Swims With Potential DEATH

By Gayne C. Young A photographer named Chris... What? Only one name? I hate him already. Anyway, Chris likes to photography beautiful gals swimming with deadly rays near Moorea, off the north-west coast of Tahiti. Yes, these rays could kill these women just as with Steve Irwin, but Chris likes to think of the women as "mermaids." Looks like an accident waiting to happen to me. A good looking accident...but accident nonetheless.    

Marty McFly’s New Ride Is An OUTDOOR BEAST

By Gayne C. Young Hello. Hello. Anybody home? Think McFly. Think! Yeah, think about Marty McFly's awesome 1985 Toyota 4 x 4 from Back to the think of the 2016 version. Yep.  Toyota put together a 2016 version of the Toyota Tacoma to coincide with the movie's October 21, 2015 date. To make the 2016 Tacoma look like a modern-day version of the classic from the movie, a number of modifications were made: Custom 1985 Toyota...

Journal: My EPIC Amazonian Adventure Day 5

By Gayne C. Young Who just got back from a week in the Amazon? This guy. The full story will appear in the January / February issue of Texas Sporting Journal. Here's a peak at some of what I experienced. Day five ended with the promise of dinner and drinks on a virgin sandbar of white sand. The yacht was pulled alongside ... And the crew got to work Chef Saul put on the meat. Looking very nice. Which...

11 OF THE COOLEST TRUCKS: Outdoor Beasts Will LOVE These Rides

There's just something we love about a truck. Ranked in no particular order, mind you. 1963-1987 Jeep Gladiator and J-Series trucks Jeep's replacement for both its Willys pickup and the FC (Forward Control) truck was the Gladiator pickup. The Gladiator was a much more modern full-size pickup than Jeep's earlier workhorses. This Jeep was contemporary enough that, with a few updates and styling changes, it stayed in production without a ground-up redesign...

Journal: My EPIC Amazonian Adventure Day 4

By Gayne C. Young Who just got back from a week in the Amazon? This guy. The full story will appear in the January / February issue of Texas Sporting Journal. Here's a peak at some of what I experienced. Day 4 began with a beautiful sunrise. Blacky took Mike and I overland to a "secret lake" he knew held some Peacock. The lake was small but, supposedly, full of promise. Mike immediately landed a Peacock that,...

Jim Shockey Takes A True OUTDOOR BEAST

By Gayne C. Young Outdoor personality,avid hunter, and Canadian art collector Jim Shockey took a true OUTDOOR BEAST while hunting in the South of France. He took this 450-pound monster boar with a 70-pound draw Bowtech Archery Boss bow utilizing 500-grain arrows  tipped with 125-grain Rage Broadheads. Oh. And this is his daughter Eva. Have an OUTDOOR BEAST you'd like to share? EMAIL us the pic along with details TODAY!  

HOLY THOR! Chris Hemsworth Takes Selfie With Terrifying OUTDOOR BEAST

By Gayne C. Young "Thor" and star of the upcoming In The Heart of The Sea Chris Hemsworth took a selfie with a true Outdoor Beast. The Ozzie posted a pic of him alongside a giant spider he calls his "mate." Damn, they've got big spiders on Australia. Hemsworth often posts pics of himself with Australian oddities. Check out the below of hi and a monster snake.

DOUBLE DEER: Check Out These Bookend Bucks

By Gayne C. Young The beautiful, talented, and member of The Boddington Experience Sadaf Khan just sent us some pics of her beaming over the arrival of her deer mounts. Those are some good looking bookends. And love the boots! Congrats!      

BEAST! 199 6/8 Mulie Taken In Eastern Colorado

By Gayne C. Young Sixteen year old Morgan Ingram from Ukikh, California took this TRUE OUTDOOR BEAST with Western Legends in Eastern Colorado this week. Morgan was hunting with Rockwall Gun Club Manage Tim McCreary and some hunting guy named Aaron Neilson (HA!). Congrats!    

FREAK OUT: This Dude Caught An Eleven-Foot-Long … WTF?

By Gayne C. Young The pics don't do it justice. Not at all. Chad Helmer landed a pickup-sized, 11 foot long, albino sturgeon while fishing the Fraser River in British Columbia last week. The freakishly-white behemoth carried a girth of five foot! Think about that for a sec... Helmer's fish is as big around as actress Mila Kunis is tall! Congrats! The Times Colonist reports: Chilliwack fisherman Chad Helmer caught a large and strangely coloured sturgeon Saturday afternoon...

Journal: My EPIC Amazonian Adventure Day 2

By Gayne C. Young Who just got back from a week in the Amazon? This guy. The full story will appear in the January / February issue of Texas Sporting Journal. Here's a peak at some of what I experienced. Day two started out pretty well for me when I landed this three bar. Blacky is the man! A nice speckled. Mike with a good looking and hard fought speckled. Turtles tracks on the sand. This guy did not...


By Gayne C. Young During my recent hunt with Joel Swan at Champion Ranch in Brady, Texas I was fortunate enough to travel in one of their ultimate vehicles. Joel started with a H2, threw a whole lot of ideas in the air, and let them land at Performance Top Drive in Three, Rivers.  The result is the ultimate in Texas overland hunting. The top drive in reached via stairs in the...

Journal: My EPIC Amazonian Adventure Day 1

By Gayne C. Young Who just got back from a week in the Amazon? This guy. The full story will appear in the January / February issue of Texas Sporting Journal. Here's a peak at some of what I experienced. After landing it Manaus, it was time for a short hop to Barcellos. I wonder who owns the charter. Home for the next week: 125 feet of five star luxury. The guides were ready and waiting...even...

SWEAT EQUITY: Hunters Fulfills Bucket List In The Heat Of Cameroon

By Gayne C. Young Hunter and Outdoor Beast Ronnie Williams just returned from Cameroon where he hunted hard to fulfill his Bucket List dream of taking a bongo. Not only did Ronnie take a 32" bongo but he took blue diker, sitatunga, dwarf forest buffalo, Peters diker, and bay diker as well. Ronnie's 14 day journey was with Northern Operation Africa (Dave Radameyer) hunting out of the Safaris Chelet (Ximo Marza Chelet...

HUNTING WITH YOUR CAMERA: Awesome Pics From An Outdoor Beast

By Gayne C. Young Outdoor Beast Bruce Hoepner sent us some absolutely fantastic nature pics. Bruce tells us, "All taken on the Nature Trails of the Kensington Metro Park, located in Milford, MI.  This park is about 30 miles west of Detroit.  The nature trails are special in that they do not allow bikes, dogs or runners on any of these routes.  Consequently, the wildlife is comfortable around humans." Judging by the...

THESE PRE-HISTORIC MEGA-DEER: Make Me Want To Climb In A Damn Time Machine And Go Hunt Them

Huge antlers? Massive body? Taste great? Check on all. Now all we need is a time machine. If ancient hunters from the ice age were still alive today, they would probably be wondering what shrunk all the deer. Deer come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and for the most part, prehistoric deer look much like their modern equivalents (moose, whitetail, elk, caribou, musk deer, etc.). One thing that is different however, is the...

‘THE GURKHA’: This New SUV Will Make You Rip Your Shirt Off And Howl Like A Wolf

By Gayne C. Young Run over whatever the hell you want. Drive through anything that gets in your way. Look more attractive to women and be a better person in the Gurkha. Built by Terradyne, the Gurkha is a civilian version of a military vehicle. It’s built on a Ford F-550 chassis, is completely armored, can withstand AK-47 and .50 caliber fire, is and is blast protected. It features a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel...

THE MOST NON-PC HUNTING PIC EVER: Please Forward This To Anti-Hunters

You think this pic will cause backlash in the modern era? Yeah. Probably. But the hunter looks proud.

OUTDOORBEASTS IDIOT OF THE WEEK: Dude Kills Monster Buck, How He Did It Will Piss You Off

By Gayne C. Young Glen Toups, Jr is not an ethical hunter. Or, rather man. Let’s say he’s not an ethical man. According to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), Toups shot and killed in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana what would have been a record buck without having his basic season or big game hunting licenses. Not only that, but Toups was also already subject to a hunting license revocation. Sad news for the hunting world.

DAMN! These Are Some Trophies

By Gayne C. Young My duties as Editor of Texas Sporting Journal magazine will be taking me to Champion Ranch tomorrow for an early season deer hunt. And to whet my appetite for my deer hunt, Champion Ranch owner Joel Swan sent me some trophy pics of some great animals taken recently on the ranch. First up are some of the biggest whitetails I've ever seen. And for good measure, a few exotics. Thanks...


Porn star and Baywatch "actress" Pamela Anderson was awarded the covenanted PETA's Vegan Of The Year award this past weekend in Beverly Hills, California. And she dressed to kill for the event. Or gross people out. I'm not sure. The 48-year-old showed lots of skin - human, of course - and plenty of silicone. When are women going to call PETA out for using scantly clad "models" to promote the vegan / anti -hunting...

APOCALYPSE WOW: Filthy rich families can survive the apocalypse in this luxury bunker

By Gayne C. Young Growing up in the Ronald Reagan eighties, I was always worried about the US getting nuked into a nuclear winter. I might not have worried so much had I known places like these existed. Bunkers made to last entirety (or at least until the fan dries out) in style and comfort. Just check out some of these places. Gotta swim during the end times. Check out more at The Chive  

Amazon Monster Fish: Pics Sure to Make Every Fisherman Jealous

The peacock bass is the premiere, hands down, best fighting freshwater fish in the world. And there is no better place to fight one than on Brazil's Amazon. And no one better to go with than Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions. Just check out some of the beasts they've hauled in down there! EMAIL US your great Trophy Pics along with details and we'll share!


Robert Ruark said it best... “A buffalo looks at you like you owe him money.” And that's true - or was true - of these buff sent to us by Limcroma Safaris owner Hannes Els. Damn! EMAIL US your great Trophy Pics along with details and we'll share!

BLACK DEATH: Buffalo Hunting Pics To Envy

Black Death. The Cape buffalo. Some say he's the most dangerous of Africa's Big Five. One thing's for certain, the below pics will make you jealous and longing to hunt the Dark Continent. All were taken in free range areas with Hans Vermaak. All pics taken by Rayno Egner of Dark Continent Video Productions.

Feral Hogs By the Numbers: Infograph Will BLOW Your Mind

Hogs are nasty, destructive, and pretty vile. They make great game but aside from that... They say there are two places in the US where hogs are concerned: those that have them and those that will get them. See just how bad the problem is with the below.

This Would Be BANNED Today…Epic Ad from the Greatest Generation

There is absolutely no way in hell this ad could run today. I doubt it could even run as a skit on SNL. Seriously. Can you imagine the outcry? Number one, the kid's in underwear. Number two, he's packing a pistol... In his underwear.    

BAD TO THE BONE: Are You a Badass Offroad Adventurer? Not Without These…

It’s my birthday! Well, it will be in a month. And as the editor of Outdoor Beasts, I get to put my birthday wish list online. Here’s a few of what I’d like. Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Jeep Who said you had to have a need for something you want...especially on your birthday? I don't need a Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Jeep.  But I sure as hell want one. Why? To take anywhere on...

BUCKET LIST: Four EPIC Hunts Most Only Dream Of

It’s my birthday! Well, it will be in a month. And as the editor of Outdoor Beasts, I get to put my birthday wish list online. Here’s a few of what I’d like. A Dangerous Seven Hunt With Limcroma Safaris There are a few places in Africa where a hunter can take the Dangerous Seven (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, crocodile, and hippo) as well as a host of plains game with bow...

There Are Crocs…And Then There Are MONSTER Crocs (Holy CRAP!)

Limcroma Safaris owner Hannes Els sent us some pics of some of the beasts they've been taking over in the swamps of South Africa. Crocs are just one of the Dangerous Seven and all can be hunted in South Africa. Read more about that HERE! Nile crocodiles can reach upwards of 20 feet in length although the SCI #1 measures just over 17 feet. Dammmmmm! EMAIL US your great Trophy Pics along with details...

Great White Trophies Now Illegal…Here’s How to Get One Anyway.

As landing a Great White Shark is now illegal the world over, the only way to put Jaws in your trophy room is with a fiberglass replica. And nobody makes one as good as Joe Pitruzzello of Northeast Taxidermy. I spoke with Joe about the mount and how it came to be. Gayne: Tell me about your Great White Shark mount. How big is it? Joe: This particular Great White is 15 ½’...

SEXY FISH: X Factor Judge Does Coolest Photo Shoot EVER for Her New Restaurant

Rita Ora is a singer. Or so I'm told. She's also a judge on The X Factor. Again, or so I'm told. She's now making waves because she's opening a seafood restaurant. And to promote it she did a underwater photo shoot while dressed as a mermaid. Ok. Makes sense I guess. Visit her restaurant "Sexy Fish" next time you're in London. Or not. I don't really care. The pictures were worth writing the story...  

Wish You Were Him? Dude’s South African Safari Pics Will Make You Jealous

Texan, hunter, and hell'uva nice guy Joel O'Shoney took some pretty nice trophies while hunting South Africa with Limcroma Safaris. Black Wildebeest. Impala. Gemsbok. Leopard track. Ostrich drinking from pool. Congrats Joel! Those are all real nice. Well, not so much those last two. EMAIL US your great Trophy Pics along with details and we'll share!

Chris Brown DID NOT Harm This Giraffe

By Gayne C. Young Chris Brown took time away from rapping and knocking gals around... What?! He totally beat on Rihanna. That ain't right. Any who, Mr. Brown took time out from all of the above to take his daughter Royalty to the zoo... Are you kidding me? His daughter's name is freak'n Royalty? Forget the rest of the story. Just look at the pic and move on.

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