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TWO-FER: Fishers Head Offshore…NEVER Expected to See This [VIDEO]

  When you go fishing you expect Right? Sometimes nature has something else cooked up for you though. On their way to fish a nearshore wreck, Capt. Dennis Barbour of Island Tackle & Hardware and his fishing partners spotted an eight-point buck swimming nearly a half-mile offshore and heading toward the Gulf Stream. After gathering their bearings, the fisherman used their boat to change the deer’s course and carefully steer him back toward the shore. Now...

EXOTIC NOODLING: The Way Islanders Hunt Poisonous Snakes Will Make You Feel Like a Wuss

Can’t say that I’m all that interested in trying this. The hunting part. The drinking part I’m cool with. Locally known as balingkasaws, the sea snakes off the coast Cebu Island in the Vasayan Sea grow longer than 4 feet in length and weigh more than 10 pounds.  Its black and bluish-gray striped skin is highly prized by the leather market and its meat is considered a delicacy – Mmmmmmm, poisonous sea...

Great White Trophies Now Illegal…Here’s How to Get One Anyway.

As landing a Great White Shark is now illegal the world over, the only way to put Jaws in your trophy room is with a fiberglass replica. And nobody makes one as good as Joe Pitruzzello of Northeast Taxidermy. I spoke with Joe about the mount and how it came to be. Gayne: Tell me about your Great White Shark mount. How big is it? Joe: This particular Great White is 15 ½’...

SEXY FISH: X Factor Judge Does Coolest Photo Shoot EVER for Her New Restaurant

Rita Ora is a singer. Or so I'm told. She's also a judge on The X Factor. Again, or so I'm told. She's now making waves because she's opening a seafood restaurant. And to promote it she did a underwater photo shoot while dressed as a mermaid. Ok. Makes sense I guess. Visit her restaurant "Sexy Fish" next time you're in London. Or not. I don't really care. The pictures were worth writing the story...  

LEGEND: The Most Beautiful Woman In Amazônia (And Why You Should Never Trust Her)

By Capt Peacock Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet and that’s especially true of Amazônia. But the allure of that beauty can be deadly. Her name is Lara. But some know her as Uiara or Yara. Regardless of a region’s name for her, all agree that Lara is gorgeous. She sometimes described as having brown hair and copper-colored skin. Other times strawberry blonde with skin the color of the...

Holy crap: Snake drags monster catfish out of pond…have you ever seen anything like this?

Ok.... Actually, I have seen this one in real life. I visit the Amazon twice a year for some great Peacock Bass fishing. Nahhhh, I'm kidding. Not about the fishing. But about seeing anything like this. Dammmmm!

CATCH & RELEASE: Angler Finds Something Disgusting Floating In A Texas River

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt. Ok, not really.  

Shocking moment a great white devours a seal in front of Alcatraz tourists – the first time a shark has been seen in the San Francisco Bay since 1959

By Gayne C. Young No wonder prisoners never made it off the island. A group of tourists spotted something off Alcatraz Island that hasn't been seen there in decades. A great white shark. And better yet, they got to see it chowing down on a seal. David McGuire, Director of the San Francisco-based shark conservation group Shark Stewards and Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences said he believes the shark spotted Saturday...

MONSTER MUSKIE: Lady Angler Lands Monster 55-Inch Lake St. Clair Muskie

By Gayne C. Young You know what's almost 4 1/2 feet long, runs 20 feet deep, takes out almost 200 feet of line, and tastes like crap no matter how you cook it? Christine Cope's muskie. The angler from Ottawa, Ontario Canada landed the 55 inch brute on Oct. 10 while fishing the Ontario side of Lake St. Clair. Cope had little luck that day trolling for almost 9 hours before landing a 42-inch...

DON’T CRAP YOUR KAYAK: Great White Shark Tests Kayakers’ Nerves

By Gayne C. Young South Africans are a tough breed. Maybe too tough for their own good. As with these two. They somehow manage to stay calm as a HUGE great white circles their kayak off the coast of Hartenbos. Could you stay this calm? Not me.

BIG COJONES: Watch This Dude Paddle Board With Whales

By Gayne C. Young Not sure if I would do this. Would you? Watch as Jaimen Hudson paddle boards with off Esperance, Western Australia. Comment below. I prefer this kind of whale action

WTF: Japanese fisherman reels in massive fish caught off the coast of Japan

By Gayne C. Young WTF is right. This thing looks like it came from the waters straight off the coast of Fukushima. If you don't get that, we'll wait while you Google it. Angler Hirasaka Hiroshi landed this massive nuked out looking wolffish off the coast of the island of Hokkaido Hiroshi's catch measured almost 6 1/2 feet and, as you can see in the pics below, was almost too much to handle.

HERE’S WHY KILLER WHALES: Are Called Killer Whales (Buh-Bye, Flipper)

By Gayne C. Young You're not supposed to play with your food. But it makes for entertaining video when a killer whale does it. Twelve-year-old Jackson Baker and his dad Richard Baker captured video of a pod of orca hunting in Hauraki Gulfoff the coast of New Zealand. These stills they caught are AMAZING. Click here to see the video.  

POLITICALLY CORRECT CLOWNS: Will Have A Hissy Fit Over This Meat On The Menu

By Gayne C. Young Tourists to the Ebisu near Tokyo, Japan can now sample whale meat. And some think that’s a whale size error in political correctness. The idea behind serving whale to tourists is to promote Japan and its culinary history. I'd try it. Would you? Comment below. Read more about the decision HERE

SAY WHAT?: ‘A Shark Attack Saved My Life’

Eugene Finney felt the slippery warm weight of his daughter in his arms, the sting of salt water as the two of them dipped beneath the surface, the crush of one of Huntington Beach’s storied waves as it rumbled over their heads. And then he felt something else, something massive and menacing, slamming into his back. His vision glittered and went dark. Finney clutched his daughter closer and fought to swim up, too dazed...

GREEDY BALD EAGLE: Has To Swim After He Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

By Gayne C. Young Never eat anything bigger than your head. Or so big that you can barely move after eating it. Such was the case with this bald eagle that ate so much it had to swim - rather than fly - home.

MASSIVE SUNFISH: Dwarfs Divers And Will Make You Slap Your Mama

By Gayne C. Young Look at what Miguel Pereira  found while diving. A Suburban-sized sunfish off the coast of Portugal. Why does that guy not have a speargun? Of course the video would have been better had these guys narrated it. Foul language!


By Gayne C. Young Damn heebie... jeeebies... To be sure. Watch as millions of baby - and we mean BABY - crabs crawl around in a violent swarm.

IS THAT ROSIE?: Something Big and Disgusting Just Washed Up On This Beach

By Gayne C. Young What's 43 feet long, weighs several tons, and smells like rotting fish? Wait for it... A whale! A dead whale. In this case, one that's rotting on an Irish beach. Rosie looks like this...

TOTAL BAD-ASS STUFF: Bow “Hunting” For Sharks With Ronald Reagan

By Gayne C. Young Well... Grab some jellybeans and the blackest hair dye you can find and sit back and listen to the Gipper narrate this awesome video. Watch as Howard Hill nails sharks with a bow.

WATCH Babe, Barbie, & Bass: Gal Lands Fish With Kiddie Pole

By Gayne C. Young Ok. So this fish isn't a bass. It's a redfish. But "redfish" didn't fit into the whole alliteration title thing I was going for. Regardless, watch as Capt. Krista Tucker catches a redfish with a Barbie fishing pole utilizing chicken nuggets as bait!

Two Wussy Pussies: Pike Attacks Kittens

By Gayne C. Young Curiously didn't kill the cats. This time. Although that would have made for better video. Not sure why there's a pike mixed in there with those koi though... About: Baby cat come close the pound where many fish swimming in. Suddenly the fish launch to catch the cat like a missile to catch it. The world become up side down...when the fish want to eat cat.

The Eyes Have It! Angler Rips Eye From Piranha

By Gayne C. Young Ben's the Amazon’s star pupil. Cuz he saw the light. Now we’re just making a spectacle of this misfortune. Ok! Enough eye puns When told he wasn’t pulling in his line fast enough or hard enough to catch a piranha, angler Ben Kimmel pulled with all his might. And in the process yanked the eye right out of one of the Amazon’s fiercest fighters. And, yes, that one got away. But not these...

I DON’T THINK THIS TUNA: Digs This Dude Very Much

Think he got more than he bargained for when he took this fish into his hands!

Sailors thought they were landing a big one. But they NEVER expected this…

By Gayne C. Young Bob Barker’s gonna cry. That fat guy from the Sea Shepard is gonna hurl after sobbing so much. Especially if this flick breaks the $100 mark! The trailer for Ron Howard’s take on Nathaniel Philbrick‘s In the Heart of the Sea looks pretty amazing. But then both are working on some great, albeit scary, source material. In the Heart of the Sea details the true story of the whaleship Essex which...

The Drugs Have Done Their Damage: Miley Explains Why She’s Vegan

By Gayne C. Young Lord help her. Help her to lay off the drugs. And to quit talking about the experiences she has while stoned. Miley Cyrus went on Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming hosting duties on SNL. While there she talked about her super smart blowfish and how, with the help of some got ol’ ganja, he helped her become a vegan. Miley explained, “I’m also highly stoned. But he knew who...

Boobs: PETA Loves & Uses Them…And Women Everywhere Should Be Outraged

PETA has issues with people utilizing animals. But not so much with silicon. Or with using it to move people to its causes. Such was the case at PETA’s 35 Anniversary Party held in…where else…Hollywood on September 30. Most ladies in attendance wore very little and proudly pushed their assets front and center for the camera, all in an effort to draw folks to their side. Of course, this is nothing new. PETA has been...

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