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VIDEO: WTH! Moment Dolphin Jumps In Tourist Boat

  Watch as a dolphin slam dunks onto a boat full of tourists in Mexico. Can you imagine the shock! But our FAVORITE DOLPHIN STORY IS THIS ONE!

Female Diver Feels The Need To Kiss This Underwater Giant

  Why is it when people harass hunters or anglers... Which is a crime... No one seems to care. But when someone harasses an animal or fish... Which is also a crime... Folks think it's cute? Diver Nikole Ordway kissing and touching this fish isn't doing it any favors. In fact, all it's doing is teaching the fish that people are safe and fun to interact with. Read more about this nonsense here

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What Just Came Up From The Depths In Florida!

  An unidentified... And lucky as hell angler in Florida... Landed an extremely rare sawfish while fishing off the Naples pier. That thing is huge! Check out the video below!

Watch This Fish…Drink Like A Fish

  This is one thirsty fish... And this angler knows just what brand of beer he likes! Maybe it's just a Brazil thing!

VIDEO: Darcie’s Back! And She’s In A Tournament!

Our favorite angler Darcie is back with a new video... And she's in a tournament! Let's see how she does... Or just watch her... Either's good!

Just What The Hell Did These Chinese Anglers Catch?

  Just what the hell is that thing? Seriously? What the hell is that thing! Fishermen in China got a shock when they recently spotted a mystery creature in the water. There has been much confusion about what the animal could have been with some suggesting it may have been a dolphin or a sturgeon, the People's Daily Online reports. The men were in waters near Zhoushan in eastern China when they spotted the creature. Pictures...

About The Time Bush, Bush, And Putin Went Striper Fishing

  Some fish stories are better than others... And this one's pretty good. recently shared a heck of a fishing story from George W. Bush’s book "41: A Portrait of My Father." “In early 2007, I called Dad and asked him if he would invite President Vladimir Putin of Russia to Walker’s Point (the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, Maine),” Bush writes in his new book 41: A Portrait Of My Father. Former...

VIDEO: Watch This Dog FISH With…Bread?!

  Watch as this dog... Catches fish... With bread! Crazy!

VIDEO: Top 5 Gruesome Shark Attacks!

  Here's the top 5 shark attacks... Well... They probably weren't top 5 for the people attacked!

VIDEO: Darcie’s Back With Some Sweet Fishing Tips

  Our favorite angler... Well... One of them... Darcie is back and brought with her some great fishing tips!

VIDEO: Tuna Eats Seagull Then…

  This tuna bites off more than it can chew... Or rather... It doesn't like seagull!

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What This 400 Pound Grouper Was Caught On

  Ryan Hein caught one massive 400-pound Goliath grouper last week near Tampa Bay using... A $50 rod... And a wrench. Yep. A wrench &nb

The Size Of This Giant Amazon Catfish Is UNREAL!

By Capt Peacock Also known as Lau-Lau, Giant Catfish, and Amazon Catfish, the Piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum) is the largest catfish species in all of Brazil’s Amazon and one frequently targeted by guests of Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions. The Piraiba is a true monster capable of reaching lengths of almost 12 feet and weights of more than 400 pounds. Despite this leviathan size, the Piraiba is extremely agile and fiercely...

You Won’t Believe The Size Of The New Woman’s Marlin World Record!

  From the IGFA Holt’s Blue Marlin Jada Holt’s enormous 591.9 kg (1305 lb) Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira indica) has officially become the new women’s 60 kg (130 lb) line class world record. Holt, a native of of Kona, Hawaii, caught the record marlin while fishing off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic on November 27th. With the combination of Holt’s angling experience and the expert crew, captained by Capt. Bryan Toney,...

VIDEO: What The Hell Is That Thing?!

  No... Seriously... What the hell is this thing?! Comment below if you know! Anuar Pak Tam | Facebook

Surprise, Surprise! California Doesn’t Like Hunters or Fishers

  How typical! The number of Californians who hunt has dwindled to less than 1% of the population, but some who still carry rifles outdoors complain the state commission overseeing them has become too cozy with the animal rights movement. Now Gov. Jerry Brown is facing pressure from outdoor enthusiasts to fill two vacancies on the five-person Fish and Game Commission with people who understand hunters and anglers and their role in...

VIDEO: 500 Pound Marlin Damn Near Impales Angler!

  Watch... The... Hell... OUT! This guy came within an inch of being impaled by an off-the-chain blue marlin on a recent charter near Guatemala.

VIDEO: Guy Gets More Than A Beer From His Friend…He Gets Knocked The Hell Out

  Picture the day... You're water skiing... You call to the boat for a beer... It's tossed... N' you get knocked the hell out.

Brazil’s Best Caipiroska

By Capt Peacock Here’s how to make one of my favorites! This drink is a form of Caipirinha which uses vodka (lime favored) instead of the usual cachaça. Caipiroska enjoys great popularity in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina especially since international vodkas increased their spreading continues in South America. INGREDIENTS: 1 1/3 oz Finlandia Lime Fusion (40 ml); 1 lime; 3 tsp sugar. This will quench your thirst after a hard...


  This is EPIC. Total BADA**! We love it! This is one fish will not be seeing the other end of a septum tank. A tiny pet fish named Peeping Tom, aptly named for his love of creepily staring at people while they were in the shower, sadly passed away after his owner's dad mistakenly moved his fish bowl into a too-shady part of the house. According to Imgur user, chilly911, Tom was only six...

Can A Great White Shark Help You…Catch Bass?

  The Great White is one of the most feared predators in the ocean. So how can it help you catch a bass? Maybe it can't... We won't know until this summer when the Great White Snack is released. From Great White Snack Now, the fish can get their own back on the Apex predator! The GREAT WHITE SNACK® looks like an exact replica of the oceans most feared predator—and with its high-action paddle tail pumping...

VIDEO: HOLY FLYING FISH! Watch As Schools Of Bonito Jump In Boat

  Holy mackerel... Uh... Bonito! Watch as these Japanese anglers have no problem catching their limit.

You Won’t Believe What Group Is Upset Sea World Is Pulling The Drain On Orcas

  Screw Blackfish. This is one no one saw coming! There's one last orca birth to come at SeaWorld, and it will probably be the last chance for research biologist Dawn Noren to study up close how female killer whales pass toxins to their calves through their milk. While SeaWorld's decision last month to end its orca breeding program delighted animal rights activists, it disappointed many marine scientists, who say they will gradually...

Sinkhole SUCKS AWAY Over 55,000 Pounds Of Farmer’s Fish

  Well... That's one way to catch them! A farmer has lost 25 tonnes of fish after they were sucked into a sinkhole. Tens of thousands of fish disappeared underground after the hole opened up in the pond of a farmer in China. The fish farmer, known as Yang, was helpless as the overnight incident rid his pond of most of its water and tonnes and tonnes of fish. The incident happened in Baisha Town...

VIDEO: Guys Won’t Like Where Triggerfish Bites Diver

  This diver gets attacked in the worst way!

AWESOME TIME LAPSE VIDEO Shows How The Sea Consumes ALL Within Days

  Watch as it takes only 4 days for the deep to completely ravage this pig leaving little more than bones! Insane footage that shows just how hungry... And efficient the ocean can be!


  This massive Snapping Turtle is taking the internet by storm! This was sent in by one of our followers, check it out… From Joanna Sanders via Facebook: Thought you might want to share these pictures of my brother Wes Prewett’s once in a life time catch with your fans! It was caught two weeks ago at Blue Creek on Lake Mitchell in Clanton, Alabama. It was released shorty after these pictures...

VIDEO: Man Finds What’s Been Taking His Fish…And It’s Not What He Thought

  Someone... Or something... Took almost $80,000 worth of his fish! That's an otter we'd give $80K worth of buckshot to! One shell at a time!

LEVIATHAN Landed In Brazil’s Amazon

By Capt. Peacock Fishing Report Week # 25, Feb. 25 – March 04, 2016 They say that all good things must come to an end and this year's fishing season is no exception. The week of February 25 through March 04, 2016 was our last until September and in true Capt. Peacock style we ended it on a high note with some pretty big fish caught and lots of fun being had...

VIDEO: Darcie Hits The Trout Trailer

  Darcies back and she's fishing the trout trailer.

EPIC VIDEO Of Shark Attacking Kayak Angler

  Is the shark attacking the angler? His catch? Or his kayak? You decide!

Odd Whale Has A Hell’uva TALE…

  This whale has a tale to tell... About its tail... Or lack thereof. The whale was first seen on Monday off the coast of Kaikoura on the north-east coast of South Island. It was not clear how it came to lose its flukes, said local Department of Conservation ranger Mike Morrissey, but "it could have been the result of entanglement" in fishing nets. But despite what looks like a severe injury, the whale seemed...

VIDEO: Blake Lively Goes After Huge Shark…

  The gorgeous Blake Lively looks to be in a fair bit of trouble in the trailer for her new movie, The Shallows. In the taut thriller The Shallows, Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing alone on a secluded beach when she is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of...

VIDEO: How’d Fishing With Grenades Work Out There For Ya’?

  Sometimes, there are no words... Ok, there are. How about... Stupid. Retarded. OMG how could you be that dumb? We could go on and on about these guys fishing with grenades but we'll let you watch then COMMENT BELOW!  

Hooked, Hemingway, And The Truth About Outdoor Writers

  Here is a picture of my foot with a hook in it. I got it stuck in my foot on the last night of a fishing trip at Lake Amistad along the Texas/Mexico border. It had been a long day. I’d caught a lot of fish, gotten some sun, and had a good time with my buddies. I had just showered and was getting ready to put on some clean...

You’ll Never Guess What This Shark Was Used For

  Never underestimate a man with a plan! What John Parker made turns every head on the lake! During the summer of 2003, the line for the shower at John and Julie Parker’s cabin south of Atlanta, Ga., would sometimes get a bit too long. Slathered in sun screen and bug goo after a day on the dock, up to 18 extended family members would mill around the cabin deck, waiting for...

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