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Awesome VIDEO: Darcie Heads After Tarpon

  Darcie's back! And this times she's onto some tarpon near Stiltsville.

This Guy’s Title Will Make Hunters And Anglers PUKE!

  This is sick. Just stupid wrong! Vegans do not eat any animal products. While vegetarians avoid meat, vegans also avoid substances such as eggs and butter that come from chickens and cows. Thomas first went vegan when he was 17. It was the same year he began campaigning for animal rights and young LGBTQ rights. Over the years, he persuaded his parents and his brother to go vegan too. Now a PhD student in social...

You Won’t Believe The Size Of The Fish This Guy Just Landed

  A true Outdoor Beast! CHICAGO (CBS) — An Indiana charter boat captain has quite a fish story to tell. Tyler Kreighbaum said he thought he was hooked on the bottom of Lake Michigan, or had snagged some debris last Saturday when he pulled in a record-breaking trout. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Kreighbaum was out on the lake with his wife and five clients of his fishing charter out...

Yet Another Fish Picture ISIS Hates

  Yep. It's time for another fish photo that ISIS feels is completely inappropriate. One that they've threatened should never be published. Well... Screw them! Here's we go! There! Bring on the death threats.

VIDEO: Deer Rescued At Sea By Shark Fishermen

  A fantastic story of compassion!

Capt. Peacock’s Journal: The Caipirinha

I can think of no country other than Brazil that turned what was once medicine into their national cocktail. Can you? As the legend goes, the caipirinha was invented in San Paulo around 1918 as an elixir for patients suffering from the Spanish flu. This medicine contained heavy amounts of cachaça with lime, garlic, and honey. Similar versions of the concoction are still used today as a home remedy for everything...

VIDEO: Nick Offerman’s Father / Son Fishing Video Is Dead On!

  This is the most realistic father / son fishing trip we've ever seen. Funny cuz it's true!

You Won’t Believe The Size Of The Sturgeon These Guys Just Caught!

  Holy Crap that's a HUGE sturgeon! From Caught May 28, this Sturgeon was 11’2″ fork length, weighed approx 750 lbs and was easily over 100 years old! This is the biggest sturgeon caught on the Fraser River this season. The giant Sturgeon was hooked at 2pm and was landed shortly after 4pm. On the initial first run the massive fish ran almost 200 yds and then jumped clear out of the...

VIDEO: Darcie Fishes The Bahamas

  Darcie's back and she's fishing the Bahamas. Come along...

VIDEO: Holy Kayak Mackerel!

  That is one huge fish to pull on board a kayak!

VIDEO: The Shallows Looks To Give Jaws A Run For Its Money

  This is the first TV spot for The Shallows and it looks pretty damn scary! Plus... We love us some Blake Lively.  

VIDEO: Watch This Electric Eel Throw Out Enough Current To Knock A Man Dead

  This is some crazy powerful stuff! Electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) leap from the water to directly electrify threats. The video presents an electric eel leaping to shock an imitation arm containing LEDs powered by the eel’s discharge and an electric eel leaping to shock an imitation predator.

Idiot Provokes Great White

  Should this kind of thing be allowed?    

My First Fly Rod

Dad never owned a fly rod; for him catching fish was more about filling the frying pan rather than just having fun. However, from the many fishing stories he told, no one would ever think for a minute that he didn’t enjoy fishing. His equipment was simple; a cane or willow pole or an old bait casting outfit suited him just fine. Carp and catfish were often his target...

VIDEO: Killer Whales Take Over A GoPro

  These killer whales are having load of fun with a GoPro!

VIDEO: What The Hell Just Washed Up In England?

  What the hell is that thing?

Capt Peacock’s Journal: The Rainy Season

  It's raining down here in Brazil's Amazon. Raining a lot. This is, after all, the rainy season. Still, there's a certain beauty to these downpours. I sit high on my porch overlooking the Rio Negro as every hour the water floods higher and higher and into the jungle allowing Peacock Bass and the other game fish we target to swim among the trees and gorge on fruit, nuts, and insects.   Despite this hectic...

Inspirational! Here’s How You Survive Having a 13 Foot Tiger Shark Take Your Leg

  The most inspiring thing you'll read all day! After finishing school in Rhode Island, I moved to the North Shore of Oahu. There I worked at JC Hawaii for several years before opening my own business, building boards for some of Hawaii’s top board manufacturers. I hiked, free dived, and most importantly, I was surfing every day. To most, I was living the surfer’s dream. But on October 9th, 2015, my life changed forever. It was a...

What He Did To His Catch Cost Him The World Record

  He caught the world record... Maybe. But then ruined it by cutting it up! From GrindTV Ross had launched his Boston Whaler last week from the remote Pisces Collection Lodge, on the Sea of Cortez. The lodge is still under construction and does not yet have a certified scale, or a cold storage facility. Ross told Ehrenberg that he had little choice but to process the meat, after weighing the fish at the cattle...

You Will Not Believe The Size Of The Monster This Angler Landed!

Texas Parks & Wildlife's Coastal Fisheries fish and wildlife technician Kevin Willis hauled in this massive gator gar in Matagorda Bay near Houston. No info on how long the leviathan was or how much it weighed. What was reported was that the fish was released unharmed.  

The Arctic Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore…And That’s A HUGE Problem For Ships

  Ice is melting... And no one has maps to show what the difference looks like... The numbers are daunting. Canada’s share of the Arctic includes 36,000 islands and more than two million square kilometers of ocean, including the fabled Northwest Passage, which winds between islands, over undersea ridges, and through narrow passages often choked with ice. Every year, as the ice melts, more ships—tugs and barges, research vessels, pleasure boats, the...

VIDEO: Watch What This JERK Does To Anglers In Fishing Tournament!

  This really pisses us off! Yes... It happened a year ago but people like this are an every day occurrence!

Another Controversial Fishing Picture We Probably Shouldn’t Show You

  Again... GRAPHIC WARNING This fishing picture has offended thousands online. It has been banned in many Middle East countries… And is considered by many in those countries as what’s wrong with “The West. And yet here we are... About to show you... Again... GRAPHIC WARNING We're sorry!

Capt. Peacock’s Journal: The State Of Amazonas

It seems as though not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me how I stay so young looking being in the sun all day long. The answer to that is “sunscreen.” Lots and lots of sunscreen. Of course clean living, lots of cigars, and plenty of Brahma Chop beer also helps. Another popular inquiry is, “Do you think there's a Peacock Bass out there that'll break 30 pounds?” Yes. I'm sure...

VIDEO: We’re Not Sure What A “Lunkerhunt Spud Jig” Is But We Like The Way Darcie Explains It

  Darcie's back! With another video! In this one she explains what a "Lunkerhunt Spud Jig" is... Oh... Just watch the video!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo In Amazônia

By Capt Peacock The float plane landed just before noon and with it came all the kids from the neighboring villages to see what was on board. Nothing for them this time I’m afraid (I have a dentist coming out here in a few weeks as part of Capt Peacock’s MARIA Program though. I’m sure they’ll like that. Ha!) No, what was on board the plane was all for the crew...

How To Outfit Your Trophy Room!

  You have the room... You have the trophies... Now what? An accumulation of magnificent taxidermy, animal hides, sporting art and worn leather furniture adorned the room. He laughed heartily while placing blame for its contents on childhood curiosity and his granddad’s hunting magazines. “I went hunting before I had a gun. I traveled the world from a tender age,” he confessed. One look around the room verified his honesty, he’d been captivated by...

This Is The Most Controversial Fish Pic We’ve Ever Posted

  GRAPHIC WARNING This fishing picture has offended thousands online. It has been banned in many Middle East countries... And is considered by many in those countries as what's wrong with "The West." Again... It may be considered offensive to many. You have been warned.... Many... Many... Times...

Wait Until You See THE REST Of This Record Book Tuna!

  This is a true monster! The experienced fisherman had been hoping to catch a fair-sized dogtoothed tuna while on a trip to Tanzania. But instead of a 50lb fish he was aiming for, the roofer managed to land a monster specimen which tipped the scales at 236lbs 15ozs. Celebrations had to be put on hold for two days while he waited for official confirmation of the weight of the 7ft long catch. Now,...

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe HOW These Anglers Landed This Tuna

  These guys literally flew out for a tuna... With a drone. See how they did it... Then comment below on whether you think drone fishing is ethical or not!

Thank God The Government Has Banned This Crap!

  Really? This is how you try to bring about change? A performance art team made quite a scene in the central town of Hue on Friday morning with a piece about the ongoing environmental disaster that has killed a large number of fish in Vietnam. But only a few hours after the artists started walking along the Huong (Perfume) River, carrying dead fish and performing mournful music, cultural officials thought they had...

VIDEO: Naked Guy Uses His…Uh…Private Parts As Fishing Bait!

  Of course he's Russian. The crazy ones always are. Watch as this naked Russian uses a unique lure...

Hilarious Video! Kid Goes NUTS At Being Told Dad Sold The Boat!

  Cruel as hell... But just as funny! Dwight Martinez | Facebook

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