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Fishing Buddies Had A Weird Way To Remember Dead Friend … That Landed Them A Record Fish

How did THIS story get past us? It happened in late 2017, and although we've covered weird stories before, this one will be tough to beat. There's an old joke that in fresh water, you go swimming with a buddy, and in salt water, you go swimming with your chum. (You don't have to outswim the shark if you can swim faster than Jimmy, amiright? *rimshot*) This story takes that joke a...

Eric Clapton Just Caught An Outdoor Beast Of A Salmon While Fishing In Iceland

Not only is Eric Clapton one of the best musicians ever to take the stage... but this SECOND monster Salmon tells us he's a damn fine fisherman, too. What's Eric Clapton spend his time doing when he wants to unplug? He goes to Iceland and breaks Salmon fishing records. In 2016, this is the monster he landed that set the record for that year. It looks like something out of Jurassic Park. 28 lbs,...

Bros Hooked Massive Grouper In Canoe – Lets Say, It Was The Best Of Times & Worst Of Times

Q: What happens when you catch a fish that's nearly as big as your boat? A: You'd better have a 'Plan B'. How awesome that he would catch a fish this big! How unfortunate that they were in that little bucket when they did. Where do you even START in scoring this one? His documented one that DIDN'T get away story is better than a lot of the bogus 'got away' stories. Do you call...

Bro Catches Mega 57-Pound Lake Trout In Utah – A New State Record

We've got video of him throwing it back. So if you're in the neighborhood, you just might catch it too! When you set a new State Record for Trout, you can stop with the 'aw-shucks, I'm not really a fisherman'. Dude, face it. You are a fisherman. With THIS catch, you're actually the envy of a lot of other real-deal fishermen. That is... One. Big. Fish. Sidney Cellan of Soda Springs, Idaho, is now in the Utah...

WATCH: Bro Catches Snook From 3rd Floor Balcony – Very Impressive!

Room service? Nah, bro. I've got this. The hardest part was casting between the palm trees, that they were looking DOWN on. Crazy stuff! It took a couple of casts, but they got the fish's attention... and boom! Downtown Tampa... Three floors up, he landed the fish. Sweet! Get Doug Giles' book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation today!   If a person looked to Scripture and paid particular...

Holy Catfish, Batman! Watch Bro Reel In A Monster Catfish

If you have buddies who go ON the water but not IN it, videos like this are probably why. Not that they'll bite you, but they're creepy as Hell, just lurking down there. It takes a lot of time and patience to land a catfish this big. Skip ahead to the 8 min mark if you want to speed things along some. Well done, bro, you worked for it.

WATCH: This Snake Has No OFF BUTTON!

It's not exactly what you'd EXPECT to see on a fishing expedition. Dude and his kid went out fishing -- normal enough. Guy catches a catfish -- still normal. But that catfish came with a hitchhiker. Would you have let it go? Or would you have kept it?

YUM! Finally … Here’s HOW to Grill Salmon To PERFECTION

What's the point of that perfect salmon if you trash it on the grill? Cooking salmon doesn't have to be hard. Even if you're completely lost behind the grill, you can look like a Champ, not a chump with this never-fail life hack. (You can thank us later.) By accident I have discovered the secret to perfectly grilled salmon, every time, quick and simple. Step 1: wet cedar planks with tap water. Step...

OUCH! Watch Monster Shark Take A BIG BITE Out Of Spear Fisherman’s Leg

If you were wondering why some fishermen don't go into the water? It's because they've seen what they've pulled out of it. This spear fisherman just got reminded that he's sharing the water with apex predators. With rows of sharp teeth. Watch this spear fisher get a sharp reminder of the shark's superior speed and agility.

Dude SHATTERS Texas Largemouth Bass Record – What He Used For BAIT Is Hilarious

You've heard of a LOT of weird bait ideas. But have you ever tried THIS? Weird or not, it must be good. Because it landed a MONSTER Largemouth Bass! The story is legit. There are photos. They landed a record-setting fish at that lake. And the bait he used? Nothing special. Just this: Is that something YOU would try as bait? Would landing a record fish make it worth it?

This Blue Marlin Has Some SICK Tattoos!

WTF? Squids have ink... but Marlin? That's new. It's the kind of photo the Internet conspiracists LOVE. Where did that pattern come from? After they took the photo and put it online, everyone had their own ideas where it came from. They had some fun with it and came up with some wild theories. There was the boring, mundane stuff like plastic debris, all the way over to aliens and Fish Prison....

DANG! This Blinged Out Fishing Boat Costs MORE Than Your HOUSE

That badass boat will take you DEEP into seven figures! Get ready to have your mind blown! This $2 Million toy has all the features you didn't even know you needed. Meet the HydraSports Custom 53 Sueños Xtreme. This particular one? It was commissioned by the owner of Enlightened Grains Vodka. With a beam of 13 feet, the huge transom has more than enough room for a quad of massive Seven Marine 627s....

OUTLANDISH VIDEO Of Diver Having Teeth Cleaned By FISH!

Wait 'till your dentist sees this!

INSANE VIDEO Of 66 Pound Salmon Jumping In Boat!

Watch the damage this monster unleashed!

Who’s Holding This MONSTER Fish Will PISS ISIS OFF!


This Wooden Boat Collection Is UNREAL!

A blast from days past!

Seal VS Great White…Who Ya’ Got?

Place your bets...but don't count the seal out!

This Peacock Bass Is So Small You’ll Wonder Why We Posted It

Until you see all of it that is!

VIDEO: Texan Claims Self-Defense In Turtle Attack

  He killed the turtle with a hammer... But claims the killing was in self-defense.

Shark Gets EPIC AIR!

  This great white got some serious hang time! Some serious hang time! One of the world's most deadly predators, the Great White Shark catches unsuspecting seals in the blink of an eye with a swift pounce and lethal bite. But this one added a flourish to its hunting technique, demonstrating awesome power with a stunning backflip in the waters off Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa. The jaw-dropping moment stunned thrill-seekers watching...

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe The Air This Mako Gets!

  Talk about Air Mako! Jake Beazley - Mako Shark come up to the boat in 35m of... | Facebook

THIS GUY Landed A Hammerhead Bigger Than An SUV

  This thing was almost as long as a Chevy Suburban! A fisherman has been pictured next to a terrifying hammerhead shark he caught off Australia's coast. Mark 'Hammer' Dixon caught the 17 foot monster shark off Evans Head, on New South Wales' northern coast, and is seen crouching next to his catch with a big smile. The blurry image shows the bloodied shark fastened to a tray on the boat and baring...

UNREAL FOOTAGE Of Shark And Seal Playing Cat & Mouse

  This is the most impressive shark on seal shots we've ever seen! This is the amazing moment a juvenile seal was able to avoid the attentions of a hungry Great White shark off the South African coast. The life-or-death chase was captured on film by photographer Brandon Kilbride from Stockport, Greater Manchester who was on a boat near Seal Island, False Bay near Cape Town. He was looking out over the ocean...

WHERE These Villagers Got The Shrimp They’re Selling From Will Make You PUKE!

  This is just about as nasty as it gets! A series of disturbing photos have exposed the antics of shrimp sellers in Wuhan who were seen scavenging shrimp from the sewers to sell to the unsuspecting public. According to NetEase, a number of shrimp handled at the markets of Baishazhou in Wuhan find their way into the sewers during the packaging process. In order to make a quick buck, the vendors pictured...

This Guy’s Title Will Make Hunters And Anglers PUKE!

  This is sick. Just stupid wrong! Vegans do not eat any animal products. While vegetarians avoid meat, vegans also avoid substances such as eggs and butter that come from chickens and cows. Thomas first went vegan when he was 17. It was the same year he began campaigning for animal rights and young LGBTQ rights. Over the years, he persuaded his parents and his brother to go vegan too. Now a PhD student in social...

You Won’t Believe The Size Of The Fish This Guy Just Landed

  A true Outdoor Beast! CHICAGO (CBS) — An Indiana charter boat captain has quite a fish story to tell. Tyler Kreighbaum said he thought he was hooked on the bottom of Lake Michigan, or had snagged some debris last Saturday when he pulled in a record-breaking trout. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Kreighbaum was out on the lake with his wife and five clients of his fishing charter out...

Yet Another Fish Picture ISIS Hates

  Yep. It's time for another fish photo that ISIS feels is completely inappropriate. One that they've threatened should never be published. Well... Screw them! Here's we go! There! Bring on the death threats.

VIDEO: Deer Rescued At Sea By Shark Fishermen

  A fantastic story of compassion!

Capt. Peacock’s Journal: The Caipirinha

I can think of no country other than Brazil that turned what was once medicine into their national cocktail. Can you? As the legend goes, the caipirinha was invented in San Paulo around 1918 as an elixir for patients suffering from the Spanish flu. This medicine contained heavy amounts of cachaça with lime, garlic, and honey. Similar versions of the concoction are still used today as a home remedy for everything...

VIDEO: Nick Offerman’s Father / Son Fishing Video Is Dead On!

  This is the most realistic father / son fishing trip we've ever seen. Funny cuz it's true!

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