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Yo, Hunters: Your Caveman Diet Is Healing To Your Body – Tell PETA!

After spending time among a tribal people, one professor made a surprising announcement. Well, it will be surprising to those who never step foot outside of a city. Readers of our site, however, might be nodding in agreement. Sticking to a hunter-gatherer style diet of seasonal vegetables and wild game can do wonders for your health, a leading professor claims. A diet of wild tubers and porcupine steak helps to replenish our gut...

FYI: The Red Liquid In Your Steak Package Ain’t Blood, It’s …

It's easy to assume that's blood in the package. But it isn't. The story of what's REALLY in that liquid is actually pretty interesting. The red goop has even got a name: 'Weep' or 'purge'. Ice crystals (from the freezing process) break up the muscle cells. When the meat thaws again, the compounds released from the muscle mix with the now-liquid water. The video fills in the rest.

New Study on How Beer Affects Aging…Surprise Results Making Tee-Totallers FURIOUS

There nothing like a cold one after a hard day afield. And now - after eons of waiting for it to catch up - science actually says that's a good thing. The American Society of Human Genetics did a recent study titled “Smoking and Heavy Alcohol Use Are Associated with Epigenetic Signs of Aging” showed that folks who drank two beers a day aged less than those who didn't. That's all we...

SICKENING! You Will Not Believe What Guy Finds In His Subway Sandwich

By Gayne C. Young Maybe Bear Grylls would like it. Or Les Stroud. Me. Not so much. An man was disgusted to find a dead rat in his Subway footlong Italian he got at a Lincoln City, Oregon location last week. According to Death and Taxes Magazine, the rat likely entered the Subway via a bag of spinach. I wouldn't care how it got there. Call me old fashioned but I don't like rats on my Subway.  

FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME: Watch These Peeps Eat Wild Game For First Time

Mmmmmmm, tastes like chicken. Except it's not. It's wild game. Watch as folks try it for the first time.

YUMMY: This Restaurant Serves Beef, Venison, Reindeer, Wild Boar AND … WTF?

By Gayne C. Young I'll try anything once may not apply here. I'm mean, seriously. What the hell is a haycock? Tarantula in a tin, anybody? How about mealworm croquettes? These are among the offbeat starters at new city restaurant Haycock and Tailbar Associates, where diners can take their pick from a wide variety of exotic meats which you cook yourself at your table. Tim Burke visits a unique addition to the city's...

POLITICALLY CORRECT CLOWNS: Will Have A Hissy Fit Over This Meat On The Menu

By Gayne C. Young Tourists to the Ebisu near Tokyo, Japan can now sample whale meat. And some think that’s a whale size error in political correctness. The idea behind serving whale to tourists is to promote Japan and its culinary history. I'd try it. Would you? Comment below. Read more about the decision HERE

Damn Straight! ‘Merican Beer

By Capt Hunter Whirley It's damn good to be 'Merican. Even better to drink 'Merican. Bottled in Alpharetta, GA, Jekyll Amber Ale boasts more hops and caramel flavor than your standard American... I mean 'Merican ale. While Shiner Bock remains my favorite amber, Jekyll proves a pleasant surprise. Jekyll Brewing just started bottling this fine ale. It's worth a shot, and you can bet the boys in deer camp won't mind this addition...

YO, MEAT-EATERS: Here’s 10 North American Big Game Meats You Need To Eat Before You Croak

Hunters, here are some big game meats that you should try at least once in your lifetime. You might have already had a few on this list. Here are the top ten via Outdoor Hub by Daniel Xu.     1. Pronghorn Arguably one of the harder selections on this list to cook, many hunters still list the pronghorn as one of their favorite eats. 2. Bison The American bison have a sad history of...

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