Watch: Hyenas Chase Down Cape Buffalo – What This Buff Did To Onlookers Will Blow Your Mind

You can bet they didn't mention THIS in the brochure.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 9, 2018

You can bet they didn’t mention THIS in the brochure.

Photo safaris are safe, right?


Any time you are in the presence of wildlife, the idea of ‘safe’ is a sliding scale.

There’s a reason they call this beast ‘Black Death’. It’s because the Cape Buffalo have killed more big game hunters than any other animal in Africa.

So what do you do when you see one coming right at you?

If it gets to that point, your options are pretty limited.

You’re down to choices like: ‘hope’, ‘pray’ and ‘crap your pants’.

The folks who posted the video added this commentary:

Guess that’s one way to put a hole in the truck radiator. Never seen hyenas chase down and successfully kill a big bull buffalo but these guys looked like they were giving it a red hot crack.

That’s intense.

Here’s what the horns did to a Landrover in another story:

And these vehicles are even rigged up for facing these dangers.

When it’s peeling the floor back like a can of Spam?

You’ve facing a real danger.

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