Video: These Elephants Care More About This Calf Than Some Do About Their Kids

Sometimes animals show more humanity than people. It's embarrassing.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 2, 2018

Sometimes animals show more humanity than people. It’s embarrassing.

Here’s a clip of how strong the impulse to protect your young SHOULD look. Unfortunately, it’s an ANIMAL video.

Considering some of the horrific headlines we’ve seen about people mistreating their own, lately, This should come as a rebuke to how badly we are failing in that regard.

Stories like:

Drunk mom launches her car in the air, with kid in the backseat.

Two Gay men take a 10-month-old baby into care, and then sexually abused her for three hours, taking photos.

Kid dies in hot car while dad gets a haircut.

or this one…


You know stories like those will keep on coming. Because people are messed up.

But watch how quickly two elephants reacted to their little one taking a header into the waterhole.

In SECONDS both were on scene, looking for ways to rescue junior.

How they worked together is nothing short of breathtaking.

Contrast that to the indifference shown to a human child drowning in a pool while surrounded by swimmers.

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Everyone does that.

You need to Do Epic Sh-t.

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