She’s Cute And Smart: ‘I Carry Because There Are SO Many Lunatic Liberals’

It REALLY isn't all that hard to understand, is it?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 5, 2018

It REALLY isn’t all that hard to understand, is it?

The Pollyannas can’t figure out why anyone would want to carry a gun. Guns make them nervous.

Patriots have a different reaction.

When the GOOD guy has the gun… it makes the bad guys nervous.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a radicalized Leftist

…like Hodgkinson the guy who tried to assassinate some Republican lawmakers at their baseball practice).

…or that guy who shot up a Trump supporter’s truck, just for having a Trump-flag waving on it.

…or even it’s some random yahoo with little respect for the person or property of our fellow American citizens.

And besides that, we’ve already seen what happens when you try to fend off aggressive wildlife with a broomstick. It does NOT end well.

Not. At. All.

The real reason we carry is not to <em>become a threat</em> to society, but specifically so that we can PUT DOWN any threat to ourselves, our family, and our society.

Hope that clears it up for ya, creampuff.

The only reason you need to fear a patriot with a firearm, is if you’re dumb enough to become that threat that requires ‘putting down’.

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