Young Bro Goes After The N. American SuperSlam Of Hunting – What He Accomplished In 15mos Will Blow Your Mind

After a few minutes I realized I would need to successfully hunt 26 big game animals over a 15 month period. (He'd have to get busy!)

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 2, 2018

It’s amazing what setting a goal and putting your mind to it can accomplish.

Justin Ragazzine chronicled his adventure in his new book:

After my busiest year in the roofing business, I decided it was time to spend more time doing the things I enjoyed, that were put aside due to 80 hour work weeks. My passion growing up was the outdoors, hunting specifically. During the new year of 2011 I booked a hunt in Canada for black bear, and it was a success. I returned home to do more research and book a few more hunts throughout the remainder of the year. I also booked a trip to the GSCO convention for 2012 to watch a friend I made during my first sheep hunt accept his award for the Grand Slam, and while at the convention I learned about the North American Super Slam, and that someone just became the youngest hunter to achieve this prestigious award. The North American Super Slam is an award comprised of successfully hunting all 29 North American big game animals, which include all of the 5 deer, 5 caribou, 3 elk, 3 moose, 4 bear, and 4 sheep species along with antelope, bison, mountain lion, mountain goat, and musk ox. My competitive nature quickly had me running numbers in my head to see if I could have an opportunity to pass him as the youngest Super Slammer. After a few minutes I realized I would need to successfully hunt 26 big game animals over a 15 month period. Most people would have stopped right there, but that just got me even more intrigued, and upon returning home I began doing my research, which involved not only finding the best outfitters to hunt with, but most importantly figuring out the logistics of doing twenty something hunts in just under a year and a half. Once I began my quest, the hunts and flights just  started rolling almost effortlessly, as I embarked on a quest no one else thought was possible.

Against All Odds takes you on a journey around North America, as far north as the Arctic circle for polar bear and musk ox, and as far south as Old Mexico for desert sheep and coues deer, from my home state of Ohio where I began deer hunting, and across the country to California for the prized tule elk. You will join me though the highs of each successful hunt, to the lows of my dads battle with cancer. You will feel the stress I carried on my shoulders throughout this journey, as even the slightest mistake could have resulted in failure. You will also be able to feel the stress diminish little by little at the end of each successful hunt.
Not only do I hope you feel as though you are actually right there along side me through my quest, I hope it inspires you not only in hunting, but in any dreams and goals that you should have.


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