Watch: Hunter Gets A Front Row Seat To Epic Bear Fight – This. Is. Wild.

Q: What do you get when two bears collide? A: Great footage.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 3, 2018

Q: What do you get when two bears collide?
A: Great footage.

If you didn’t know bears, would you have any idea something so big could be so nimble?

Way out in the remote backcountry of Saskatchewan, Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb, Ryan Greb and some buddies went looking for bear.

They found more than they bargained for… and came back with the footage to prove it.

First, a cub came sniffing around the area. Then skittishly pulled away.

Next, along came a great big bear — they took it for a male at first. But she was a sow… protecting her cub.

Then they heard branches cracking. It was something BIG.

It made the sow look small in comparison.

She got her cub up a tree and tried to run the boar off, but he wasn’t going anywhere. He was bigger and knew it.

And then the boar stopped exactly where the hunter wanted him. One one-placed arrow from Ryan was all it took.

And that’s when things really got … interesting.

(We won’t spoil the ending for you.)

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