What This Red Bull Athlete Did On A Glacier — At Night — Takes Crazy To New Heights

Paraglider + skis + glacier + and acrobatic tumbling? Too easy. Let's do it at night!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 6, 2018

Paraglider + skis + glacier + and acrobatic tumbling? Too easy. Let’s do it at night!

Maybe this is your first time hearing about ‘speed riding’. Here’s a quick explanation, so you’ll understand exactly what he’s doing in that video. In the dark.

Speed riding is a new extreme sport combining skiing and paragliding. The basics are simple- put your skies on, strap yourself to an open wing- shaped canopy and start skiing down the slope. There are no limits on how steep the slope is, or how big the jumps are. If it’s too steep you just go airborn and maneuver yourself down until you touch the snow again.
…Speed riding is similar to speed flying. The difference between the two is in the launching method. While in Speed flying you launch yourself by your feet, in Speed riding you do it wearing skies, which you get to keep on your way down, skiing on the snowy slope if you don’t have enough altitude to cross it, or just for fun.
Source: Adrenaline Beast

But, like we said, this guy did it at night. In one take. Enjoy!

The remaining quotes are from the makers of the video at RedBull:

The French speedrider charged down a steep line across a glacier at the foot of Europe’s highest mountain under the cover of darkness – find out how he pulled off the historic feat now.
Valentin Delluc is a pioneering speedrider who’s flown down a French glacier at night to make his Moonline concept become a reality. He spent seven months training for the feat which saw him tackle a challenging line in the dark across the rugged crevasses of the Bossons glacier at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Time-lapse photo of his descent:

When the night of the flight proper came around, the snow cover wasn’t perfect and Delluc was concerned his LED lights mightn’t work properly. But the overall conditions were favourable and he received the green light to start at 4am. The flight saw him take off from the top of the Bossons Glacier, but he and his crew had a very short window of time to pull off the feat so the Moonline film was shot in just one take. This was a big challenge even for Delluc, who’s accustomed to speedriding through glaciers and over rooftops.

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