This Lady’s Response To The Left’s Threat Of ‘Civil War’ Is Funny AF!

The Left keeps screeching about 'another civil war'... does anyone else think that kind of talk is a little inflammatory?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 23, 2018

The Left keeps screeching about ‘another civil war’… does anyone else think that kind of talk is a little inflammatory?

Aren’t the Leftists the ones saying that it’s the right that have all the violent thugs?

Yeah, sure. We’ve seen how the ‘resistance’ movement is using pepper spray on conservatives, trying to up their game by ‘learning’ how to ‘fight’ in addition to their general rioting, looting, including the inevitable destruction of a Starbucks.

We saw how when Evergreen State College descended into chaos, there were bat-wielding thugs roaming the campus to beat the tar out of anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

The evidence doesn’t seem to point to the right being the violent thugs.

Besides, worst case scenario and we do end up in another civil war between leftists and freedom-loving patriots, what would be the result?

This girl’s response is utter perfection.

I see your ‘punch a Nazi’ and raise you an AR-15.

Seriously, that bathroom thing is true, though.

If you don’t understand what toddlers can see as innate gender differences, y’all are screwed.

Well, not literally.

Because we’ve seen photos of you resistance folks.

Perhaps that’s why there’s a push to change the teaching for preschoolers.

But it’s not just the guns.

What would leftists live on?

Wishes, dreams, and unicorn farts?

The big divide is the coastal elites vs. the rural, common man.

The folks that buy their food from gourmet specialty shops and don’t ask any questions vs. those that can hunt their own meat and farm their own food.

The ones that say that we need to be ‘tolerant’ but attack a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding ceremony because it’s against his religious beliefs.

The Left decries the right for ‘clinging to their God and their guns’ but demands that we listen to climate alarmists Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio on the need to change our lifestyles (not theirs) to fight global cooling global warming climate change the climate crisis.

The Left says that words are ‘microaggressions’ and need to be censored, but it’s ok to ‘punch a Nazi’.

And this piece of brilliance by Ben Shapiro:

The Left says that it’s ‘hate’ to use the wrong gender pronoun but will call all Trump supporters ‘white supremacist Nazis’.

I for one hope the Left is wrong about another civil war.

But if it does happen… well, it doesn’t look too good for the Left.

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