Cops Storm Into Home Only To Be Attacked By This Outdoor Beast!

What would they say at the police academy that could possibly prepare you for this?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 1, 2018

What would they say at the police academy that could possibly prepare you for this?

Better still — would any of their instructors even believe them, if it wasn’t on a body camera?

Seriously — if a buddy came up to you with this story, wouldn’t it trip your BS meter?

Good thing we have the footage to back it up, then.

Police are expected to be ready for anything.

A weapon.

A domestic abuse situation.

An angry drunk.

Thrown objects.

A mean dog.


But what about this?

On December 29th, 2017 Brockport Police were called to a residence for a squirrel that had broken into the house, reportedly eating cookies in the kitchen. Officers Sime and Dawson arrived on scene but were not at all expecting the warm welcome they would receive from the squirrel. The squirrel was ultimately captured by officers and released without injury. The homeowner was very relieved that their uninvited guest was set free.

Brockport Police will always go the extra mile to help their residents.
Source: Brockport Police FB page

A squirrel?

Yea. A squirrel.

A squirrel with a whole lot of moxy.

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