Very Cool: This DIY Basement “Cabin” Costs Only $107

Amazing! THIS is how you renovate a craptastic room into something amazing... almost for free!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 12, 2018

Amazing! THIS is how you renovate a craptastic room into something amazing… almost for free!

This guy is the exact opposite of the consumeristic throw-away culture we’re surrounded with. He’s a breath of fresh air, and his finished product will make you want to get up and get started on that project you’ve been putting off.

A Reddit user named “Kelhans” was a man with a plan.

And the will to see it through for $107!

Watch as he builds a great cabin in his basement for almost no money at all!

This is the horror-show he had to work with:

The room when I started.

Waste not, want not. Here are the materials he worked with:

I used old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping. The boards after breaking apart were 1″ x 8″ x 12′ rough cut pine. I used a couple dozen of these, they were free!

I used a draw knife to make each board look hand cut.

The walls going up.

I had to find a way to hide all the support columns and air ducts. I will install a fake roof that can be opened to access plumbing if needed. The window will look like a mountain scene when finished. Behind that window wall is a store room.

Stone going in for the fireplace. I found these on the side of the road a year before I started this project.

Center beam for the ceiling. One of the few pieces of lumber I purchased. I aged it and stained it.

Faux columns that cover the steel floor supports, with a lock joint just for visual detail.

Floor going in.

Finished Man Cave! Took about 6 weeks, with about half that time spent scavenging materials. The construction cost me $107 in materials. Everything else was free. The contents cost a lot more! Room is built and furnished to give a 1940’s-1950s era hunting cabin look.
Images from Imgur

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