The Bear This 10-Year-Old Bro Took With A Bow Is Pretty Epic

This is an Outdoor Beast! And so was the game he took!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 11, 2018

This is an Outdoor Beast!

And so was the game he took!

Young bowhunter Sam Sherman was only 10 years old but he made the record books.

Sam was hunting with his father Tad, his older brother Ty, and family friend Brian Shanahan on September 18 on a ranch in Goodrich, Idaho when he nailed a monster black bear.

Officials from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed that the bear is the largest black bear taken in the state this year.

The Shermans had been hunting on the Hughes ranch in Goodrich for about a week in September with Sam’s brother, 13-year-old Ty, and their houndsman friend, Brian Shanahan.

When they arrived at their hunting area on Sept. 18, the hounds started a bear almost immediately from a pasture along the Weiser River. Both boys had tags.

“A lot of times, the bear won’t tree,” said Tad, noting that safety issues enter into bowhunting bears in that situation.

Rather than trying to get in close for an archery shot, they needed to be prepared to keep a safe distance and shoot with a rifle. But Sam had his heart set on getting a bear with his bow.

Much to his delight, the bear scrambled up a big ponderosa pine.

“Are you sure that’s a big bear, Dad?” Sam asked his father. Tad assured him it was, indeed, a big bear.
Source: Spokesman

Well done, Sam.

And yes, 400 pounds is pretty darned big.

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