Arrow Flinging Beasts: Here’s The Top 10 Archers On Film

The Best of the Best. Archers on film. Enjoy!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 12, 2018

There are archers…

And there are archers…

And there are those that do it on film.

These are the best of the latter.

As we see it. Here are the best 10 archers as counted down by the staff of Outdoor Beasts.

1 – John Rambo
Rambo (played by Sylvester Stallone) is the only archer on our list to take down a helicopter with a bow and arrow. Hell, he’s the only one on our list who’s even tried. That’s because he’s John Rambo, a killing machine. You go up against him you’ll need a good supply of body bags! Over the span of four movies he’s taken down bad guys with his bow in more than three countries.

2 – Daryl Dixon
On AMC’s The Walking Dead, the character of Daryl Dixon shoots zombie after zombie with a crossbow (I think it’s a Horton). Why? Because apparently gunshots attract the living-dead flesh eaters. On the downside, crossbow bolts aren’t all that easy to come by after the zombie apocalypse hits.

3 – Hanna
Saoirse Ronan’s Hanna is a genetically altered child created by the government to be the ultimate killing machine. In her free time, she likes to shoot caribou with a homemade bow. She also likes to kill people with her bare hands. This despite being a child. Don’t mess with Hanna.

4 – Melina Havelock
As the daughter of murdered parents, Melina Havelock proved her metal with a crossbow several times over in Roger Moore’s best turn as 007, For Your Eyes Only.

5 – Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer
While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch in Predator utilizes heavy military industrial hardware throughout most of the movie, he does mange to get some bow time in during his final battle with the dreadlocked alien, Predator.

While Dutch and his crew fail to kill Predator with the latest military weaponry, he gets the last laugh by going back to the basics.

6 – Abigail
Abigail’s another archer who wastes her time shooting things that are already dead. In her case, vampires in Blade: Trinity. I’ll forgive this as the character is played by the beautiful Jessica Biel.

7 – Guinevere
Keira Knightley plays Guinevere in 2004’s King Arthur.

Not only does Knightley take down her enemies with flaming arrows but she does so while covered in blue war paint.

8 – Lewis
Lewis (played by Burt Reynolds) is a bow-wielding hero in the Hillbilly classic Deliverance. Not only does he shoot fish for dinner but also pops the evil still runner that attacked his friend.

Too bad for Ned Beatty, Lewis didn’t arrive on the scene a few minutes earlier.

9 – Katniss Everdeen
Katniss learned her life-saving archery skills from her father, who, as revealed in Book One of The Hunger Games … oh, OK I won’t spoil it for you.

Just know she uses her shooting ability to whoop up on a bunch of other kids and win The Hunger Games.

Of course, she looks pretty damned good without her bow as well

And #10 — Legolas.

The Badass Elf From Lord of The Rings.

Not only did he take down a giant Elephant, but he did it in STYLE. (He stuck the landing, I’ll give it a 10.)

Even if, as Gimli says, it ‘still only counts as one’.
Here’s the clip.

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