Watch: This Octopus Will Haunt Your [email protected] Dreams!

As if the tentacles and suckers weren't creepy enough. Have you ever seen an animal do this?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 27, 2017

As if the tentacles and suckers weren’t creepy enough. Have you ever seen an animal do this?

Houdini had nothing on this critter.

Look around, do you see anything that looks remotely like a way out?

The octopus does.

Octopus Escapes Through TINY Hole in Boat

We can't be the only people who had to watch this more than once… this octopus finds a tiny vent in the side of a fishing boat and squeezes his entire body, legs and all, through. It’s seriously amazing.

Posted by Wag & Purr on Monday, August 21, 2017

He’s not only making a break for it and pouring his body through an impossibly tight hole.

But he looks absolutely disgusting while he does it, like your kid’s Playdough squeezed through a press.

No seriously, look at this. It’s unnatural.

And they’re even weirder when you catch one.

You kill an octopus by flipping the head inside out and removing the brains and anything else you find in there. At one point, Danai was struggling with one that inked her partly out of the water. Splattered in blackish brown ink, she also had pieces of its tentacles wrapped around her arm, and she later showed me the “hickies” it left behind—a series of small red blotches from its suckers.

But Danai’s work wasn’t done. When an octopus dies, its normally lithe body turns incredibly rigid. The classical Greek solution to tenderize the flesh is to beat it against whatever hard surface is nearby, be it rocks on the beach or pavement in town. And tradition dictates that this beating has to happen 40 times, although I believe Danai stopped before that, opting instead to rub the tentacles with her fingers to figure out how tender they were getting. Later steps include popping the eyeballs, an important precaution to keep them from bursting and potentially injuring you during cooking.
Source: Saveur

But if you’re someone who enjoys octopus, they’re worth the trouble.

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