Throw Me A Beer, Bro: Hotshot Waterskier Fumbles Beer Before Visiting Paintown

Hero to zero on one second flat. Watch out for that.... ouch. Nevermind.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 26, 2017

Hero to zero on one second flat.

Watch out for that…. ouch. Nevermind.

He was happy.

He was confident.

He came streaking in to grab a cold one.

While he was trying to recover the beer he fumbled, he was looking down.

That mistake cost him. He wrapped himself around… well, see for yourself.

Knock yourself unconscious, win a prize!

Why stop there?

It is by no means the only ‘Toss me a beer’ story out there. Let’s give our readers some bonus footage!

If you ask someone to chuck a beer at you, you’ve gotta be ready to catch it.

(Sorry bro, catching it with your face doesn’t count)

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