Shark Movie Madness: Does ‘The Shallows’ Beat Jaws As The All Time Best Shark Flick?

Because somebody's got to be the best and it sure won't be Sharknado.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 25, 2017

Because somebody’s got to be the best and it sure ain’t Sharknado.

It’s one of those ‘and that’s how the fight started’ questions that can get heated in a hurry.

Let’s dig right in:

Who’s got the best shark flick out there?

Hollywood loves sharks.

From monster sharks prowling the coastlines, to genetically enhanced sharks destroying an underwater lab, to ‘sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads’ shark flicks are a genre unto itself.

But they can’t all be good.

And only one can be the best.

Which one is it?

Did The Shallows live up to your expectations?

Is Jaws the best, hands-down?

Or have we missed it entirely and left your favorite out of the list.

Maybe you LOVED Sharknado, and thought it was hilarious.

Or liked those genetically modified ones.

Or that ‘other’ shark film we haven’t mentioned yet.

Weigh in. Set us straight.

Or tell us all about that hidden gem we obviously need to see right away if we EVER want to talk about shark flicks without sounding like a dope.

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