This Place Banned Deer Hunting – Now The Deer Are Destroying Everything In Sight

Hey Tree-humpers, have you met 'the law of unintended consequences?' You have now.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 21, 2017

Hey Tree-humpers, have you met ‘the law of unintended consequences?’ You have now.

If you work for a naturalist society and your job is to restore a nature sanctuary eaten alive by ravenous deer, your options for eradicating the pesky but otherwise charming creatures are somewhat limited.

For instance, you can’t kill them.

So before sunrise Sunday, the director of restoration for the Audubon Naturalist Society in Chevy Chase, Md., organized more than 100 volunteers at the organization’s Woodend Sanctuary for a deer drive.

Say what?

Yeah, in this deer sanctuary in Chevy Chase Maryland, there are more deer living on the land than the land can support.

Normally, that is handled by natural predators or hunters who know a thing or two about wildlife management.

What are the unintended consequences?

Along with the rest of the region, Woodend Sanctuary has been overrun by deer — at their worst, about 30 of them, which is roughly 24 times as many as the land can support. In scientific terms, the deer have been “browsing excessively.”

They are eating everything in sight.

The natural layers of plants and shrubs have been gobbled up and invasive species have taken over. When trees die, there are no saplings left for new ones to grow.

“The degradation has also caused the loss of ground-nesting and understory-adapted birds at Woodend such as the eastern towhee and the wood thrush,” the society says in informational materials, “as well as myriad insect communities that support local food webs but require a lush forest understory to thrive.”
Source: Washington Post

But of course, these ‘compassionate’ animal-rights activists are so much wiser than the rest of us. This is the first time EVER that ‘helping nature out’ has gone wrong. Right?

Because nothing like that happened at Yellowstone. Or anywhere else in the world, right?

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