Deer Hunters: Report Says These 10 States SUCK For Deer Hunting – Are They Right Or Ridiculous?

Agree or disagree? Any names that need to be added to the list, or stricken from it?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 22, 2017

Agree or disagree? Any names that need to be added to the list, or stricken from it?

Let’s face it. Not all States are going to offer the same opportunities for hunting deer.

On the top of almost every whitetail hunter’s bucket list is a “dream trip” to a state famous for growing big, mature whitetails. After all, who wouldn’t want to chase Booners in places like Kansas, Iowa, or even Kentucky?

For the average hunter, however, a trip like this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Most of us are confined to hunting within a few hours from home, and chasing the best whitetails our state has to offer.
Source: WideOpenSpaces

So, working from the numbers harvested, per square mile, they gave us a worst-list.

What makes a bottom-ten state so sucky?

High percentages of yearling bucks. High density of hunters. Miserable hunting weather and low absolute harvest numbers.

Here’s their “bottom-ten”:

10: Michigan

9: Wisconsin

8: Rhode Island

7: Massachusetts

6: New Hampshire

5: Pennsylvania

4: Maine

3: Vermont

2: New Jersey – not because they don’t bring in any deer, but because they are mostly yearlings.

1: New York. No, not because the whole State is paved — it isn’t. But it has the highest hunter density. And more than half of deer harvested are yearlings.

Again, sometimes it’s the deep snow and difficult terrain. (Maine). Sometimes it’s the low quality of deer brought in. Sometimes it’s just too many hunters per square mile.

How well does THEIR list stack up to your list? Any objections?

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