DEAR DRUNKEN IDIOTS: When Inebriated It’s Usually Best Not To Eff With Elephants (VIDEO)

Ever drink so much you thought you were 10' tall and bulletproof? These morons had to be drinking even more than that.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 6, 2017

Ever drink so much you thought you were 10′ tall and bulletproof? These morons had to be drinking even more than that.

With a little ‘encouragement’ from his ‘friends’ he took a run at an elephant.

Hundreds of people are killed by elephants a year. Yet somehow, this guy lived to tell the tale?

So the guy ‘got away with it’?

Well, he LIVED to tell the tale.

That’s not the same as getting away with it.

Singita, a safari lodge company based in South Africa, said it investigated the “disturbing” video that showed off-duty field guides in a vehicle and one of its employees on foot as he confronted the elephant, which it described as extremely agitated by the encounter.
“We cannot stress enough that the behaviour displayed in this video completely contradicts Singita’s guiding ethos and values toward conservation and wildlife preservation,” said the company, which operates luxury lodges and camps in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
“The guide involved in the confrontation is no longer employed by Singita and further disciplinary procedures are in progress with regard to others involved,” it said in a statement.
Source: News

There is a difference between dumbass and badass.

That was a dumbass.

This is a badass.

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