WHOA! This Bill Would Allow Teachers To Carry Guns In School – Do You APPROVE?

Depending who you ask, this is either an amazing idea or a horrific one. Who's right?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 15, 2017

Depending who you ask, this is either an amazing idea or a horrific one. Who’s right?

One of the problems with gun-free zones is that idiots with murderous intent can threaten the public with impunity, and no fear of consequence.

In Michigan, there’s a new law in the works to readjust those scales.

The Latest on the Michigan Legislature’s consideration of legislation to allow gun owners with extra training to bring their concealed weapons into schools and other gun-free zones

A Michigan legislative committee has voted to let people with extra training carry guns inside churches, schools and other places now off limits.

Well, that could make a big difference.

The bills were approved Tuesday, two days after a gunman killed 26 people at a Texas church. The full Senate plans to vote as early as Wednesday. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed legislation in 2012 that would have allowed concealed pistol license holders with additional training to carry in gun-free zones.

…Republican lawmakers are renewing their attempt to let gun owners carry their weapons inside Michigan schools, day care centers and other gun-free zones.

Fast-tracked legislation up for a vote in a Senate committee Tuesday would allow concealed pistol license holders with extra training to carry in nine areas that are currently off limits. The full Republican-led Senate plans to vote Wednesday on the bill that is opposed by gun-control advocates and others.

Source: WLNS

This isn’t the first time Michiganders tried to put forward such legislation. One attempt in 2012 was vetoted by Gov. Rick Snyder.

Those who are cheering this decision say it will make gun free zones safer.

Their counterparts on the other side are afraid this introduces an element of danger to gun free zones.

Who’s got it right, and who’s way off? Let us know in the comments.


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