WATCH: This Thailand Fight Club Video Is Some WHACKED Sh*t!

Taking it to the streets… Thailand style!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 23, 2017

Taking it to the streets…

Thailand style!

Did you think Fight Club was just a movie where a whole bunch of guys go primal?

Guess again.

In Thailand, they’re ‘taking it to the streets’ for real.

This is no sissy slap-fight, either.

These guys are bringing the thunder.

They’re throwing hands…

Feet are flying…


And the crowd gathered around outside after dark to watch it happen?

Makes it even more badass.

You won’t catch any of these guys playing ‘Pokemon Go’ on a Friday night.

They’ve got better ways of blowing off steam.

Maybe someone sent you this link and you find it too intense. Upsetting, even. Maybe you don’t like the idea of guys choosing to test their skill this way.

Don’t worry. We’ve got something for you, too.

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