WATCH: Fishing Can Be Fun And HAZARDOUS To Your Health!

When he got this monster to the boat, THAT's when everything hit the fan. Epic. Fish. Slap.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 20, 2017

When he got this monster to the boat, THAT’s when everything hit the fan.

Getting the fish to bite? Not always the hard part.

Bringing a monster fish in, without snapping your rod in the process? Still tricky. But not the HARD Part.

Maybe you think you’ve got it made once that fish is close enough you can see it.


Not even close.

In fact, for the guy in this clip?

He was doing pretty well until that point.

It’s when the fish LEFT the water that life got difficult for him.

You could say he got ‘fish-slapped’ — badly.

When this monster stopped its slapping, what was the damage assessment?

66 pound King Salmon jumps into the boat on the Kenai River. It knocked over 2 people, broke the rod…….a fish tale worth sharing.
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But coming home with bragging rights and a photo like this one?

So worth it.

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