WATCH: Deputy Hits Deer Going 114mph – That’ll Leave A Mark!

It was a medium-sized doe... but at those speeds, it adds up to massive damage. How massive?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 1, 2017

It was a medium-sized doe… but at those speeds, it adds up to massive damage.

How massive?

Well, we could TELL you…

Or we could show you.

Dashcam footage released by the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office shows the moment a medium-sized doe panics and sprints in front of a sheriff’s deputy responding to a call with lights and sirens on.

The unnamed deputy was responding to a call about a man with a gun at a restaurant just before 6:30 a.m., the Isanti County News reports.

He was traveling at 114 mph just north of Cambridge when the deer jumped in front of his cruiser. Miraculously, the deputy kept control of his vehicle even though the hood flew up and smashed into his windshield.
Source: WSBTV

All airbags deployed and the cruiser was totaled — the fourth to be totaled this year. Three of the four police cars totaled in 2017 are due to deer strikes, said Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk.

“(The incident) shows how important it is to not to swerve when an animal strike is going to occur. If the deputy swerved, he would have rolled and been injured or worse,” Caulk said.

The deputy walked away with minor injuries. The deer was killed.Source: WSBTV

That deer was done.

But if the officer had reflexively tried to swerve out of the way?

The deer would still be dead.

And the cop might NOT have been able to walk away unscathed.

And the best dad-joke comment?

“The deer was charged with obstruction of justice……..”

There are a lot of ways to kill a deer. This was effective, sure enough.

But all things being equal, we prefer more traditional methods.

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