WATCH: Bro Fists Bear Trap – He Won’t Do That Again!

You know you're making a dumb choice when even the other bros are desperately trying to talk some sense into you.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 30, 2017

You know you’re making a dumb choice when even the other bros are desperately trying to talk some sense into you.

But, not surprisingly, he was NOT going to listen.

This is another one of those classic examples of the difference — in real life — between a badass and a dumbass.

Three guesses which one this guy is.

Deiter, host from Rover Radio ignored the frantic pleas of his cohosts NOT to make good on his plan to punch a bear trap.

It was not for lack of trying.

But for whatever reason — he thought he was man enough to take on the bear trap.

Was he planning to punch the plate and pull back before the jaws closed? That would explain why he lined up for the punch so many times.

Was he planning to show us that he was tough enough to ‘handle’ having his arm crushed in a bear trap?

Either way, it NOT a good idea.

Know the difference:

He was a dumbass.

Grandpa is a badass.

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