WATCH: Should This Biker Shoot THIS Bear – What Would YOU Do?

Forget What Would Jesus Do ... What would YOU do? Here's why I carry everywhere I go. Enjoy.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 4, 2017

Forget What Would Jesus Do … What would YOU do? Here’s why I carry everywhere I go. Enjoy.

When it comes down to you or the bear, is it really a hard decision?

Are you SURE you brought everything you need for mountain biking?

What do you need when you’re off on the mountain bike?

Your GoPro and GPS? Well, those are more ‘luxury’ than ‘necessity’ but sure.

What else?

Helmet, probably?

Water bottle?

Clif bar or two?

Maybe an emergency repair kit for when you wipe out?

Are you all set?

Did you remember everything?

Ok, let’s go.

One more thing…

What about the bear?

That Bear, right over there.

So, what’s the plan for when you see him?

Ok then. That’s one way to do it.

What’s the over-under on this guy ever hitting the trails again?

And what would he have done if the bear started to catch up to him?

Run away FASTER?

Have sense enough to shoot him?

Would he be too late in wishing he brought a gun?

And if anyone out there would feel ‘sorry’ for a bear that gets shot in an encounter with a person?

Look up ‘mauled by bear’.
Or Fatal Bear attacks.

And then, you should read this.

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