WATCH: Animal Lovers Let Toddler Play With Lion – That Was A BAD Idea

Who thought this was a good idea? To put a lion and a toddler together…

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 19, 2017

Who thought this was a good idea?

To put a lion and a toddler together…


The incident, which very nearly ended in disaster, occurred during the filming of former Mexican programme Con Sello de Mujer.
This clip from the show, which was last broadcast in 2007, recently went viral after re-appearing online and features a toddler and a lion cub in the TV studio.

And we’re about to see why so many people on camera don’t want to work with children or animals.

There are probably even more who would rather not work with either.

At the start of the video everything looks to be under control as two handlers sit with the wild animal on a lead and talk to the show’s presenter.
In between the two parties is a mother, who holds her young daughter in her lap.
The lion cub sits on the floor and appears to be quite calm until the baby starts to whine – a sound that sends it into a frenzy.

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