VIDEO: This Gun Fail Video Is A Hilarious & Frightening MUST WATCH

These are some of the most cringe worthy GUN FAILS ever caught on camera.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 19, 2017


These are some of the most cringe worthy GUN FAILS ever caught on camera.

And they’re funny as hell!

You know it’ll be wild when the first words you hear in the clip are…

“I just f***ing shot myself. Uhhh.. Son of a B****h!”

Worse still? He was at a range when he did.

These folks were not what you’d call A+ Gun safety students.

And then there’s the moron who accidentally fires his shotgun… indoors.

A drunk guy who tried to figure out a way to use a knife with his shotgun.

Yeah. We’re talking some real ‘winners’ here.

The best one is probably the punk-ass kid talking tough and flashing some hardware until he accidentally shoots the pistol into the wall. Next thing you know, he’s blurting out ‘my mom’s gonna kill me’.



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