Trump Calls Elephant Hunting A ‘HORROR SHOW’ – Do You Agree?

The policy decision about whether Trump would be reversing Obama's restrictions on the US trophy ban has been a hot topic.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 22, 2017

The policy decision about whether Trump would be reversing Obama’s restrictions on the US trophy ban has been a hot topic.

We’ve got Ellen Degeneres from women’s daytime programming weighing in.

We’ve got the nearly-as-masculine alleged comedian Ricky Gervais weighing in.

It seems that, despite his own family’s penchant for, and knowledge of hunting, President Trump is being swayed by the public pressure.

That was the 17th…

This one was two days later.

‘Horror show’? Really?

Sounds like he’s made up his mind.

It lines up with what something he’d said a couple of years ago, via Twitter:

Cameron R Hanes had something to say about it in his social media response to the President’s ‘horror show’ statement.

cameronrhanesIs this for real @realdonaldtrump?
I’ve never hunted elephant or have ever wanted to, but I do know that every successful wildlife conservation model includes hunting of select animals. Just look right here in North America, the greatest wildlife conservation success story in the world. It is because of hunters that our wildlife thrives. We don’t kill everything as the term “horror show” inaccurately might indicate. Biologists and wildlife professionals study habitat, the carrying capacity of the land, how many animal currently call it home, the health of the herd, etc. and determine bag limits. To ensure the health of any herd, this needs to happen with all animals, including elephants. I am shocked that you or those on your staff (@repryanzinke) aren’t fully aware of this? If some small town bowhunter from Oregon knows that hunting animals gives them value whereas not hunting animals is the very worst thing that can happen for their future, that’s not a good sign.
North America isn’t Africa, I understand that. So, let’s talk about the history of hunting in Kenya where in reality they loved their animals to death as Glen Martin wrote. He said Kenya’s much-praised ban on hunting had an impact opposite to its intent: wild animals disappeared at an accelerating rate. “Charismatic megafauna”; elephants, lions, rhinos, population numbers plummeted. When Kenya’s hunting ban was passed in 1977 in response to the “Ivory Wars” that were ravaging the nation’s elephants, it was hailed as a new and progressive paradigm for wildlife management. With the hunting pressure off, animal lovers opined, animals would prosper. Instead Kenya’s wildlife has declined by more than 70 percent over the past 20 years. While the ban played well in the developed world, it was catastrophic for the people who lived amongst the animals in rural Kenya. As animal rights groups applauded Kenya’s no-kill policy and urged its adoption across Africa, the killing continued unabated. Hunting gave the animals of Kenya value so those that live there cared about protecting them, as an investment. Without hunting, elephants are a negative as they damage crops, ruin water sources, (cont. 1st comment) ????

UPDATE: Ivan Carter is a Conservationist, tv show host on the Outdoor Channel, wildlife photographer, and a hunting guide. He’s also originally from Zimbabwe. In other words, bro has got street cred in the African Wildlife realm.

He posted his thoughts on Facebook:

A more thorough, well-thought out piece would be difficult to find, right?

You don’t have to be a ‘nevertrumper’ to think a politician might be on the verge of making the wrong decision.

Many of his policies, including his hunting policies, have been moving in the right direction. But this one? Not so much.

Respectfully, Mr. President — on this issue?

Think again.


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