River Horse Photobombs Engagement Pics And They’re Funny AF

That special moment when you're finally ready to 'pop the question' and you get upstaged by... what the ...?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 9, 2017

That special moment when you’re finally ready to ‘pop the question’ and you get upstaged by… what the …?

You’ve heard that song ‘baby you oughta be in pictures?’ Looks like this little hippo took that a little too seriously.

On a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo (and before you ask, yes, that WAS the same zoo as Harambe, but stay focussed this one is a lighthearted story) — on a visit to the zoo, Nick Kelble was trying to propose to Hayley Roll.

The highlight of the trip was supposed to be the baby hippo, ‘Fiona’.

She made an appearance, alright!

It was a full-on photobomb!

Just like a little kid, isn’t she?

Hi guys! Whatcha doing?

Whatcha got there? Is it for me?

What did you bring me?


Can I see?


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