Ripped To Pieces By The Orcas: Incredible Rare Footage Shows Killer Whales Hunt Down And Kill A Lone Minke Whale

Now that we have drones, we're able to see footage that would make Jacques Cousteau jealous.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 8, 2017

Now that we have drones, we’re able to see footage that would make Jacques Cousteau jealous.

There is finally a story out of ‘Russia’ worth the time it takes to watch it — overhead footage of a pod of Orcas on the hunt.

And the Orcas have hit upon a Minke whale off by himself.

Fair warning, this is wildlife behaving the way nature intended. The water WILL turn red. That’s the only warning you’re getting.

Yes, it does look like its gasping for air, doesn’t it?

The deadly chase took place in the Avachinsky Gulf of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of far-east Siberia.
The wildlife photographer Mike Korostelev was out filming the whales for the Russian Orca project, when he spotted the animals beginning their hunt.
Source: DailyMail

It was a pretty unusual sight, too.

It was incredible to see the hunt – they’re quite rare to see. Usually we see other orcas who feed on fish, but never on a whale.
He says he was thrilled to not only have seen this unusual happening, but to have caught it on camera too.

That’s pretty badass.

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