Hunter Corners Deer Being Chased By Hounds – That Was A VERY Bad Idea

If you ever doubted that hunting was risky... think again.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 15, 2017

If you ever doubted that hunting was risky… think again.

You could ask Regis Levasseur. Well, you could ask his next of kin, anyway.

The antlers those big bucks are admired for are not ‘ornamental’.

A French hunter discovered this the hard way.

The man was acting as a beater, who normally help corner the animal in a certain area, when he was struck.

He “was charged and pierced by a deer which stabbed him with his antlers,” a police spokesman said. The hunter, who was not carrying a rifle, died of internal bleeding before emergency services could arrive. Police said this type of death was “uncommon”.

This wos not the first crazy hunting story out of France. There have been a few. Including one where hunters used dogs to do the beating, and they chased a deer into a neighborhood, where it was shot at close range.

Guy Harlé, the president of the local hunters federation said: “Normally the animal would flee, but this time he decided to charge. It came after him.

“The antlers of the stag are like many knives piercing you, there is nothing you can do. This tragic accident reminds us that we do not play with a wild animal. There is an inherent risk with hunting,” said Harlé.

‘Normally’ it would flee. You can’t take ‘normally’ to the bank.

One of the platitudes you hear at a funeral is ‘at least he died doing something he loved’. In this case, by all accounts, this is true.

The local hunter’s federation president said hunting was ‘his life’.

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