Here’s Some Art Work For Your MAN CAVE Or Trophy Room

If you want something for the walls that doesn't look like it came out of a Martha Stewart catalog, we've got your back.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 18, 2017

If you want something for the walls that doesn’t look like it came out of a Martha Stewart catalog, we’ve got your back.

Whether your preference is for badass people or magnificent wildlife, you’ll find something worthy of inclusion in the room you kick back in.

For more of his work, including news about his art shows, find him on Instagram, and Facebook.

Or you could check out the website.

If the quick survey of his work below doesn’t feature that one piece you need for the blank spot on your wall, browse his gallery, where you can also find Winston Churchill, Green Beret Putting Lead Down Range, Samson Tearing The Lion, Keith Richards: Under The Influence, African Woman – Blazing A Pipe, David & Goliath, Elephant Hunter and a wide variety of other pieces, including proud warriors from many different backgrounds.

There are African Game animals…

Chieftans and warriors…

One of our favorites is further down, but let’s introduce you to the artist himself. Taken from the artist’s bio:

From High School to college, Giles focused on fine art during his undergrad studies, which he also labels as another ‘great waste of time.’ Doug says, “The painting classes focused on the inane. Very few focused on enhancing one’s actual skills and composition. It was more of an extension of a High Schoolish, ‘paint what you feel and don’t judge my actual talent’ goofy art schlock.” Thankfully, Giles befriended a serious artist and sculptor who helped him hone his skills and introduced him to other artists, both living and dead, who would influence him greatly.

Doug has a piece of advice for the parents of artistic kids. He says, ‘Please note, parents of artists, forego most ‘art schools’ and instead seek out experts in your kid’s field who’ll actually help your child hone their talent, ground them in the basics, be appropriately hard on them, and forge them into the Best of the Best.’
Giles has never been a, ‘professional artist’, per se. He’s made his living in various other enterprises, and from 1989-1997, he never painted a painting. That all changed after his first trip to Africa. The flora and fauna from the Cradle Of Civilization made Doug pick his paint brush back up again and he hasn’t put it down since.

Doug’s chosen mediums are oil and charcoal. And regarding his ‘style’, he prefers for you to define it.

King David — (That piece has a Kickass backstory)

And some really big, really dangerous beasts worthy of memorializing in art.

Still looking for the one that would perfectly fill that blank spot on the wall? Take a browse through his gallery.


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