Dear Possums: Here’s What Happens When You Get LAZY Around A Big Frickin’ Snake

In Australia, you never know what surprises you might see right in your own backyard.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 7, 2017

In Australia, you never know what surprises you might see right in your own backyard.

If you’re squeamish around snakes, you won’t enjoy this clip.

Want to local python eating a possum in the middle of the day? While dangling from a tree?

In Australia, that can happen.

A python devouring a possum for lunch gave one Queensland man quite the show on Sunday as it dangled from a palm tree over his head with the marsupial in its mouth.
Peter McMaster said he was mowing his lawn at his home in Brisbane’s south when he noticed noises coming from the trees above him.
The father-of-three said he was surprised to see the commotion was coming from a three-metre-long carpet python that had suspended itself from a palm tree in order to grab the possum by its head.
Source: DailyMail

That snake had to work for his dinner. When he finally got to eat it, he had earned it.

The python’s been hanging out in the neighborhood for a month or two. As long as the dogs stay out of his way, that 10-foot snake is doing his part in the neighborhood.

They didn’t even need to call pest control to deal with the possum. Nature had a ‘fix’ of its own.

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