Bowhunter Whacks His 2nd B&C Buck In 2 Years – Is It Luck Or Expertise?

He got a once-in-a-lifetime buck. ...twice. Does this guy have a proverbial horseshoe up his ass, or is he just THAT good?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 27, 2017

He got a once-in-a-lifetime buck.


Does this guy have a proverbial horseshoe up his ass, or is he just THAT good?

Another huge North Carolina buck arrowed by Patrick Williams. Heard it green scored above the current NC record around 181"!! Congrats Patrick!

Posted by Spencer Outdoors on Friday, November 3, 2017

Two years ago, Patrick Williams of Belews Creek, N.C., tagged a giant, 195-inch non-typical whitetail buck on one of the Rockingham County farms he hunts, a buck that made the Boone and Crockett Club all-time record book. He did it again last week, but this time he used a bow to nail a 181-inch, 19-point beast that has a good chance to be the new state-record archery non-typical.

Preliminary measurements indicate that Williams’ buck, taken Oct. 25, will surpass the current non-typical archery record of 176 7/8 inches, taken in Halifax County in 2005 by Brent Mabrey.

This deer has been on Williams’ radar for several years. When he first saw it in a 2017 trail-camera photo, he knew it was time to schedule a meeting with the buck. This time, he would be ready for him with his bow in hand.
Source: Carolina Sportsman

Admit it, you’re dying to know how he did it.

He’ll tell you.

The buck was drawn by the noise made by two young bucks.

The buck stepped out and started trotting towards the other deer, heading right towards Williams’ shooting lane. Knowing he would cross at about 35 yards, Williams got ready.

“As soon as he hit the lane, his trot turned into a run going after those other deer, and I felt like I missed my opportunity. I had my lanes clipped well, but I couldn’t get a clean shot,” he said.

But it wasn’t over. Some does came through his sight line, and he knew his chance was coming.

At 6:45, the buck came down the hill and stopped in front of his stand. Williams was at full draw, holding back an arrow tipped with a two-bladed Rage Hypodermic broadhead.

“I let the arrow fly and the deer dropped right into the path of the arrow,” said Williams, whose shot would have been low. “I would have missed him if he didn’t drop down at that perfect time.”

Williams saw a perfect hit, right in the sweet spot, and shortly thereafter, he heard the buck crash to the ground about 140 yards away.

He uses trail cams to keep tabs on everything, he prepares food plots and mineral stations year round, and he keeps his shooting lanes clipped.

This guy takes his hunting seriously.

And it paid off. Handsomely.


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