WATCH: Chick Showcases The Art of The BLOW Gun – She’s Pretty Deadly With It

'The breath of death' isn't just that guy you knew back in high school.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 10, 2017

‘The breath of death’ isn’t just that one guy you knew back in high school.

It’s the name of this featured clip. And it’s awesome!

Kirsten Joy Weiss took us to the jungle to teach us about blowguns.

And is filmed in a jungle while she does it.

It’s a really great short clip.

Did you have any idea the use of the blowgun was so widespread?

That it was used in so many different ways?

And not just by ninjas and Amazons, either.

Did you know it was used for delivering pepper spray?

There are all kinds of things they can do that you might not have realized.

Check her out.

From the video description:

Blowpipe Blowgun history – Blowgun poisons were many – from dart frogs to gila monsters to puffer fish toxins – they were often used on dark missions by Ninja in the art of Ninjutsu, as well as blowguns by Amazonian tribes and more!

Blowgun hunting, blowgun fishing, blowgun competitions, you name it! People have made simple bamboo blowgun all the way to laser assisted blowgun & nerf blowguns. Blowgun darts have been made from exploding tipped darts all the way to blow darts made from PIRHANA teeth!

Blow guns can be serious business.

But then, if you’re a regular reader, you already know that.
Bro Takes Ram With A Blow Gun While Submerged In Water

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