PICS: Bro Thinks He’s Approaching A Flock Of Sheep – He Was SO WRONG

These guys were in for one HELL of a shock when they learned the truth! Look at all those 'sheep' dotting the hillside!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 5, 2017

These guys were in for one HELL of a shock when they learned the truth!

Look at all those ‘sheep’ dotting the hillside!




Someone should call Al Gore. It’s a freaking ‘miracle’!

We’re told something like this is impossible!

What are they?


Polar bears.

Adventurous tourists on an expedition to explore Wrangel Island Nature Reserve in the Arctic recently got their money’s worth with an encounter of a lifetime. As they approached the island aboard the vessel Akademik Shokalskiy, they witnessed what appeared to be a flock of grazing sheep, reports GrindTV. But upon closer inspection, it became apparent that these were no sheep. They were an immense congregation of something much more ominous: polar bears.

Polar bears are usually solitary animals, but these apex Arctic predators had improbably gathered by the hundreds — an estimated 230 of them.

It was “one of those days I or anybody else with me will never forget,” claimed Capt. Rodney Russ, leader of the expedition. —MotherNature Network

One polar bear is bad news enough.

We’ve shared crazy enough stories about people running from a single BROWN Bear.

But 230 Polar Bears on one island?

Do you know what tourists look like to 230 polar bears?

To them, we’d look like this:

But maybe we should get Al Gore and some of the other Environmentalists to pay the place a visit.

Because there are ‘almost no Polar Bears left’, doncha know?

If you ever visit that island, we recommend you be armed when you do.

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