VIDEO: Here’s How NOT To Shoot A [email protected] Gun – OUCH!

They don't have EVERY shooting fail you can imagine in this clip, but it's a helluva a start.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 30, 2017

They don’t have EVERY shooting fail you can imagine in this clip, but it’s a helluva a start.

Want to see a rifle fly backward across the range?

Or a young shooter keep shooting LONG after he’s lost control of his weapon?

Scope to the eye?

Weapon falling completely apart?

That’s in there.

Or a rifle fly out of a grandmother’s hands? It’s in there, too.

Want to see someone completely knocked over by the recoil?

Want to see some poor schmuck have hot brass go down the back of his shirt into the crack of his ass?

Awkward, sure. But it’s in there too.

You can witness the irony of a guy actually TALKING about gun safety when his gun goes off unexpectedly.

Or see a weapon fly back against the wall behind the dopey chick shooting it.

Or a guy who didn’t do much better.

What we’re saying is there’s something for everybody.

Except possibly an instructor. They’d probably just get angrier the longer they watched this stupidity.

So far as we could tell, nobody got killed by these incompetents.


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