PETA Will Freak Over What The New SCOTUS Has In His Office – But We Love It

Better still, there's a great backstory, too!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 11, 2017

Better still, there’s a great backstory, too!

More bad news for PETA.

If it wasn’t ‘bad’ enough that more Americans will be able to hunt in National Parks

Now even stepping into the office of our newest Supreme Court Justice would give Devout Tree-Humpers night-terrors.

There’s a dead animal in there! And they even named him … Leroy!

Meet Leroy:

Scalia shot him himself. “Leroy” was estimated to be about 900 lbs when he was shot… 10 years ago.

So when Scalia’s office got cleared out, what would they do with it? It was way too big to display in his children’s homes. It became the ‘welcome’ gift to Gorsuch.

“He was proud of it and he enjoyed showing it off,” Christopher Scalia said.

Glen Summers, a former law clerk of Scalia’s who was with him when he shot Leroy, said Scalia made a “magnificent, long-range” shot of some 460 yards. It was the only elk Scalia ever killed, he said. As for why the justice called him Leroy, that’s a mystery, Summers said.

After Scalia died, Leroy was crated up and sent to Summers in Colorado, he said. And when Gorsuch was nominated to the court, Summers asked what others were also thinking, he said: Would Gorsuch, a fellow conservative and outdoorsman, take Leroy back to Washington? Gorsuch “graciously accepted,” Summers said. So back across the country Leroy went. He was presented to Gorsuch at a reunion of Scalia clerks earlier this year.AP

Gorsuch gave a fantastic quote about Leroy.

“Turns out, we’re both native Coloradans. We both received a rather shocking summons to Washington,” he said. “Neither of us is ever going to forget Justice Scalia.”

Well played.

Let’s twist the knife for PETA just a little more…

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