A MASSIVE Haul Of Smuggled African Ivory Smuggled Seized In The Weirdest Place

1.4 Tons of African Elephant Ivory. But what the hell was it doing THERE?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 2, 2017

1.4 Tons of African Elephant Ivory. But what the hell was it doing THERE?

Crackdowns on the illegal ivory trade have forced black market traders to find novel workarounds.

Police in Vietnam’s southern province of Bac Lieu seized 1.4 tons of African elephant ivory on Sunday which had been smuggled into the country via fishing boat from Malaysia.

The ivory had already been loaded onto a truck and was destined for delivery to customers in the north. — Vietnam Express International

Vietnam, despite outlawing the sale of Ivory is a major stop in the black market trade.

Vietnam outlawed the ivory trade in 1992, but the country remains a top market for ivory products used for decorative purposes or in traditional medicine, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

The country is also a busy transit point for tusks trafficked from Africa to China and other parts of Asia.

Earlier this month, authorities in Saigon also discovered 1.3 tons of ivory hidden in asphalt barrels which was on its way from Africa to Cambodia. — Vietnam Express International

How do you deal with poaching?

Some have pressured for the outlawing of hunting. Others for more creative conservation solutions.

Others argue that the best way of saving elephant and other wildlife is through commercial sport hunting. It’s hard to disagree with the numbers, given that wildlife populations have thrived mainly in those parts of southern Africa where big-game hunting is also a lucrative industry. –Read more

Or another one:

Prohibition has failed every time it’s been tried. Becuase it doesn’t account for human nature. This plan, on the other hand, works WITH it.
…This strategy involves hitting both supply AND demand to protect endangered rhinos. -OutdooreBeasts

They suggested flooding the market with artificial ivory to drive down the value.

Meanwhile, New York has gone the other direction.

They’ve seized ivory and put it in the crusher. Which — ironically — increases scarcity.

So… which side has the right approach?

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