Here’s 20 Bizarre Animal Facts You NEVER Learned In School

These run the gamut from "WTF?" to "really? Wow." to that is totally wicked!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 16, 2017

These run the gamut from “WTF?” to “really? Wow.” to that is totally wicked!

Let’s start with the totally wicked.

You like eagles, right? Sure, who doesn’t? But did you know THIS fun fact about them?

Hell yeah! That just means you need a bigger rifle, amirite?

Here’s something you didn’t know about the land down under. The animals are even weirder than you think…

… even their poop is weird.

But hagfish are gross.

Think that’s bad? You should see how they eat carrion. It’s naaaasty.

Turkeys, on the low end of the food chain have it tough, right? It’s worse than you thought.

How’s THIS for a ‘fish story’?

It was really big, but of course, the line broke / the rod broke / the boat was sinking locusts… an earthquake. Yeah, Bill, we know. We’ve heard it before.

Want to do any zero-g avian studies? Bad news: they won’t end well.

As parasites go, this is a nasty little bastard.

Like half the kids in swimming lessons…

Oh look — horses could be politicians, too.

Insert Pithy Motivational Poster Slogan here:

Aren’t you suddenly glad you’re not a giraffe?

Blind as a Kiwi just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Hadn’t even heard of this guy before now.

This one might shock you. Butterflies? Seriously?

It’s the only weird bug on the list, either. The hagfish may EAT carrion…

…but the assassin bug wears it like jewelry.

Next time you go out for wings, remember this:

You’re pretty badass, scarfing down that dinosaur-kin!
Just don’t let it go to your head:

People drop big money buying a parrot. Meanwhile…

Nap level — Master.

And we’ll end with a serious WTF.

Canned mushrooms? Are you freaking KIDDING me? Know anyone who would like to read this for the last panel alone?

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