Giant Straw Beasts Invade Harvested Rice Fields And They’re Pretty Badass

Sand sculptures? Ice sculptures? Been there, seen that. But Straw sculptures? Wait 'till you see what they've done with them!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 14, 2017

Sand sculptures? Ice sculptures? Been there, seen that.
But Straw sculptures? Wait ’till you see what they’ve done with them!

You’ve got a realistic, larger-than-life gorilla… and he’s not looking happy to see you!

You’ve got a croc with a mouth large enough to fit a family of four.

Oh, Hello Kitty…
This cat looks ready to take down some large game.

And the rhino is deciding whether it’s worth it to charge.

These animals too conventional?

How about we go bigger.

Let’s say we go … Mammoth:

Since we’ve set up the ‘way-back’ machine anyway… let’s go back even further…

To the Jurassic, maybe.

Or was it the Triassic? I can’t keep those ancient timelines straight.

Think you’ve seen ‘King Crab’? Guess again:

NOW you’ve got a sense of scale!

Knowing how big they are, would one bug you?

If you’re wondering how they can pull off a sculpture like that? There’s a trick to it:

That’s when you’re sorting out the details. But BEFORE you get to that point, it needs a solid frame:

What do you think?

Would it catch on here?

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