Deer Hunters: Whatever You Do, DON’T Shoot This Buck! – Here’s Why

Can you believe it? Do stupid crap win stupid prizes.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 12, 2017

Can you believe it?

Do stupid crap win stupid prizes. If you’re a crook, this is one buck that’s laying in wait … for YOU.

Pinching the poachers. What a clever little idea.

It borrows an idea from the big cities. The ‘bait car’.

You’ve probably seen the bait car concept, right? A car is left unattended, looking ‘vulnerable’ to the opportuninstic con. It’s decked out with cameras, remote control, and doors that remotely lock the occupant in.

The would-be thief drives away… only to find the vehicle stalls out, with the thief trapped inside the car.

Now why did we take the time to talk about the bait car?

Because Idaho Fish and Game has their own version.

It’s a robotic 4-point buck.

First, they find places where there is a problem with poaching.

It moves its head, looks extremely realistic, and it’s a 4-point buck… which is illegal to hunt during archery hunt season.

There was a problem of people in the back of trucks with their bows drawn, and arrows knocked. And this was part of the solution they came up with.

What happens if you shoot it anyway?

Boom! A $1000 fine. (We’ve got a video of how this looks in practice)

And they managed to save a real deer from poachers in the process! Win-win.

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