Boar Hunters: Before You Eat Boar From HERE, You Might Wanna Run A Geiger Counter Over It

You probably already know about the radioactive boar around Chernobyl and the reactor disaster in Japan. Or the radioactive boar problem in Germany... but here, too?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 12, 2017

You probably already know about the radioactive boar around Chernobyl and the reactor disaster in Japan. Or the radioactive boar problem in Germany… but here, too?

You may have even read about the boar that crashed through a ceiling in another part of the world…

WTF? Look Where They Found This Wild Boar – Now The APOCALYPSE Has Begun!

Yes, you read that correctly. Crashed through a ceiling.

Back to the point. Radioactive boar.

It turns out, they are a problem in Sweden. They’re practically a night-light.

Hogs have been turning up with measured radiation levels well over the limit deemed ‘safe’.

“Well over”, in this case, means more than 10 times the safe limit.

“This is the highest level we’ve measured,” a troubled Ulf Frykman, environmental consultant who tests radiation levels in game meat, told Swedish national broadcaster SVT about the trophy exceeding the safe limit by over ten times.
Frykman said his team had measured around 30 samples of meat so far this year and found that only five or six of those were below the safe limit, which may indicate a worrisome trend. —Sputnik News


The levels aren’t a problem for the animal themselves. But if people consume them, they will ingest the radiation.

For perspective — if the levels are below 10,000 Becquerel per kilogram, someone might safely eat it about once per year.

Samples found were as high as 16,000.

If you were wondering where the radiation came from… there were parts of Sweden exposed to radioactive fallout and precipitation after the Chernobyl disaster. Thirty-some-odd years later, the effects still linger.

One more reason to know some history about where and what you’re hunting.

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